Tax Directives-Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia



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  1. is that possible to get custom directive 35/2005? Secondly Ministry of Fiance and Economic development directive value added audit report for Manufacturers (local input vis imported raw material)


  2. Dear abrsh,could you tell me about the “evolution and current taxation structure” in our country, please i need you’r help.Thank you.


  3. Dear Abrham, Can i get directives or proclamation ‘Transportation Allowance tax’ for NGOs and private sectors in Oromia and SNNPR or Ethiopia please? Best!


  4. Can u tell me please the function of tax directives in ethiopia context?


  5. I need ethiopian health professional taxation system


  6. hi can u give us information on the mining of dividend on the proclamation word by word


  7. thank u abrish. but i did not get the tax policies on dividends. please try to include if u can.


  8. Dear Abrham What is Ethiopian stand on carbon tax? can we expect carbon tax very recently? would you give me legal provisions for this please?
    thank you in advance


  9. i ned to now info


  10. Dear Abrham, I need the new trade license lists and their minimum requirements.Can you help me?


  11. Dear Abraham !
    Really appreciate for your effort,thank U for your time.
    In addition to this,Ministry of Finance has got its present name “Ministry of Finance & Economic Development”(Mofed) ..after the merging of two ministries..(MOF) & MeDAC) in 1994(eth)
    So ,it’s better to use its present name MoFEd
    Thank U so much



    1. I have already made the corrections.
      Thanks for the comment.


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