Tax Directives-Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Ethiopia



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10 responses

  1. Dear Abrham, Can i get directives or proclamation ‘Transportation Allowance tax’ for NGOs and private sectors in Oromia and SNNPR or Ethiopia please? Best!

  2. Can u tell me please the function of tax directives in ethiopia context?

  3. I need ethiopian health professional taxation system

  4. hi can u give us information on the mining of dividend on the proclamation word by word

  5. thank u abrish. but i did not get the tax policies on dividends. please try to include if u can.

  6. Dear Abrham What is Ethiopian stand on carbon tax? can we expect carbon tax very recently? would you give me legal provisions for this please?
    thank you in advance

  7. i ned to now info

  8. Dear Abrham, I need the new trade license lists and their minimum requirements.Can you help me?

  9. Dear Abraham !
    Really appreciate for your effort,thank U for your time.
    In addition to this,Ministry of Finance has got its present name “Ministry of Finance & Economic Development”(Mofed) ..after the merging of two ministries..(MOF) & MeDAC) in 1994(eth)
    So ,it’s better to use its present name MoFEd
    Thank U so much


    1. I have already made the corrections.
      Thanks for the comment.

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