The New Urban Lands Lease Holding Proclamation No. 721 /2011 (Published on Negarit Gazetta)


New Land lease Proclamation No. 721 –2011

Federal Negarit Gazeta No.4 28th November, 2011

18th Year No.4

Addis Ababa 28th November, 2011

                            Proclamation No. 721/2011


Short title: Urban Lands Lease Holding Proclamation No. 721 /2011.



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13 responses

  1. please send me Addis Ababa land lease regulation issued following proclamation No.721/2011

  2. what I understood is that practically,land is subject to sale in Ethiopia.

  3. What I understood is that practically ,land is subject to sale in Ethiopia.

  4. hi, ABERSH if it is possible please list the proclamation numbers and title in separate order like the teaching material provided i think it may help all the law students and other community, easily to get what he want.

  5. I have got your message about compiled tax regulations
    keep it up
    Thank you

  6. yordanos kelemework | Reply

    I also appreciate this good ideas

  7. Abrham me and my friend argued about the recent proclamation on lease. I am not that familiar with these legal words and concepts.However, I said I think this law is not constitutional. But my friend thinks the lease proclamation has been effect since 1993. Would you please explain to me what is the main effect of this proclamation. Because I used to think land is owned by the people of Ethiopia not by the government. Would you please give us a little brief about his concept with the history of the law?

    1. I think the following article by Daniel W. Gabriel, who is an expert on that field of law will answer any of your questions regarding the constitutionality of the proclamation, the changes to the status and extent right of home owners and how the law will affect each of us, all these issues are addressed in that article.

      Read the article on the following link,

      Regarding the other points you raised on your comment;
      1-yes there was an lease proclamation, but this one is totally different
      2- Is the proclamation constitutional? This requires some analysis and I recommend reading the above article by Daniel. As to me I generally think that in Ethiopia, any discussion about constitutionality is not fruitful and even not relevant.

  8. Please can u post the New Regulation and Directives on Land Lease proclamation ?

  9. please send to me to my yahoo address oke!

  10. Ato Abrham,
    Good mornining
    would you please sent me proclalmation
    of television annual rent

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