DOWNLOAD Cassation Decisions Volume 12

DOWNLOAD Cassation Decisions Volume 12

Decisions of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia Cassation Decision Volume 11.
2003 Ethiopian Calendar.
These volume is prepared by the Supreme Court and all the decisions are binding on all lower courts in Ethiopia

12 responses

  1. I want to have Federal supreme cessation decision volume 13&14


  2. Really! it is good source of new understanding for vague ideas and filling gaps of law.


  3. Keep it up!!!!!


  4. Interesting keep it up


  5. Getinet Masresha | Reply

    I’m woreda court judge,while i’m decied any judgement i’m always refer cassation decission.i’m always learning law article & refereshe our accademic endavore.keep it up,i’m waiting vol.13 ff or year of 2004 cassation deci


  6. Pls try to intiate all the courts to use internate and get this book and azer legal documents. Esp. Reginal courts. Tnks.


  7. what about the employment Tax payment irregularities among organizations in the country? please i need justification and good reference related to this exemption on transport allowances, maximum amount, exempted amounts and so on…



  8. you contributed to the legal system and favord us thank you.


  9. Gemechu merera | Reply

    U’r work helped me to compare&contrast lawbooks in law in action.


  10. It is nice to contenue this work.Would I ‘ve cassetion court decision volume 11&12?


  11. Ethiopian Legel brief wants to improve my knowledge of law Ilove them


  12. Mekuriaw alemenew | Reply

    I often find you on line with comments, legal analysis and information
    that is considerably significant, particularily for lawyers, like me. ReallyI appreciate you and your supporters for the utmost effort you have been doing.I hope you would continue, joins again.

    Mekuriaw Al. law
    Dean of law school
    DebreMarkos University.


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