Cassation Decisions

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Table of Contents (1-12)

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 1 2 3

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 4

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 5

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 6

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 7

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 8

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 9

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 10

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 11

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 12

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 13

Federal Supreme Court Decisions Volume 14


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  1. Mr. Abraham,Many thanks for your blessed work!!

  2. thank you abrish i have got 2013/14 proclamations from your web.

  3. real ETHIOPIAN God blesses you

  4. i want to know about my case and the case no is 80202 is about land.
    you do please help me to find it is in Federal High Court

  5. Good job, Abrish!
    thank you so much again!

  6. I need proc. 624/2003 e.c

  7. I wants different law rule

  8. in fact your contribution is of no substitution. well done.

  9. Hi.Mr.Abraham,thanks for all your effort. Please would you help me to get to access to laws pertinent the sources and administration of municipal cities budget in Oromia N.R.State. Thanks!

  10. Hi Abrish Keep it up.

  11. this database seems helpful but the volumes mentioned in cessation decisions are in inherent language which I tried to translate using Google translate but it didn’t can I resolve this issue? :(

  12. betam enamesegnalen

  13. Abreham,i got what i need,Thank you for you have done everything. Beyene

  14. Thank you I appreciation your contribution

  15. የማውቅህና ያስተማርከኝ በመሆኑ ኩራት ተሰምቶኛል በርታ ቀጥልበት !!! ወደ ብዙ እንጨዋወታለን

    1. ወደ ፊት የማማከረህ አለኝ ማለቴ ነው

  16. Thank u very much we are living in remote area u are always update our knowledge.

  17. Abrsh you are doing a great job. keep it. thanks

  18. hi abraham. this is fitsum gebretekle from tigray. am a high court judge. i have no words how to thank you for helping us.

  19. abraham tanks more.can you send law dictonary

  20. Many Thanks!

    1. Learning in Jimma university is just same as burning during WW I

  21. Mr. Abrahem , Thanks a lot, you always perform professionally without any interruption. Be pride, you did real intellectual job. God bless you and your family.

  22. Hey brother how is every thing going there with you? Your work is of a very greater importance to our law school. God bless you for your work. I also want you to start discussion on burning legal issues so that our students, teachers, and other concerned body like government officials can participate on it.

  23. wondwossen tsige | Reply

    we never deny ur contribution ,but ur information(new volume) is not reach soon!!pleace be fast ,such as volume-14 and the like!!

  24. pleas attach the details of volume 14 of federal supreme court decisions.thank you

  25. Free public good wabsait!!!!

  26. Thankyou very much for your contribution.

  27. thanks!!!!

  28. solomon fikadu | Reply

    God bless you!!!!!!

  29. Keep things up.

  30. Could somebody please inform me whether these decisions are also available in English?

  31. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. great job!

  33. i would like to appreciate thi

  34. Daniel Habtamu Hailemichael | Reply

    Thank you Abrshye! You give us a reference to use and make us to protect from others cheat.

  35. mohamed harun studen ECSU | Reply

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the operators of this website, which helps me as student of public financial management more than what i can mention in words, i want of say thanks

  36. i really appreciate your effort because you are doing what a dedicated citizen doing.keep it. God bless u.

  37. Hi aberesh really u are one of the Ethiopian citizen and Ethiopian peoples respected u

  38. As we know these cessation decisions may assimilate as other obligatory laws of our they serve as a general laws to interpret other order to perform this task one has to know these your blog is much helpful for both the trainers and for professionals.i would like to appreciate your contribution!!THANK YOU!!

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