Council of Ministers Regulations


Agricultural Mechanization Service Enterprise establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 97 -2004

Financial Public Enterprises Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 98-2004

Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation Establishment Regulation (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No. 99-2004

Ethiopian Seed Enterprise Establishment (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No.100-2004

Providing Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian Origin with Certain Rights and Privileges to be exercised in their Country of Origin Regulation No. 101-2004

Dissolution of the Addis Metal Pressings Enterprise Council of Ministers Regulation No. 102-2004

The Council of Ministers Regulation for the Establishment of Federal Board to provide affirmative support for less developed regions regulation No. 103-2004

Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency Establishment (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No. 104-2004

Councils of Ministers Regulation No. 106-2004 to Provide for the implementation of Cooperative Societies Proclamation No.147- 2004

Distribution of Profits of Public Enterprises Council of Ministers Regulation No. 107-2004

Customs Clearing Agents Council of Ministers Regulation No. 108-2004  

Water Works Construction Enterprise Establishment (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No. 109-2004

Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise Establishment (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No. 110-2004

Arbaminch University Establishing Council of Ministers Regulation Charter No.111-2004

Gonder University Establishing Council of Ministers Regulation Charter No. 112-2004

Dissolution of Lalibela Engineering and Construction Enterprise Council of Ministers Regulation No. 113-2004

Immigration Council of Ministers Regulation No. 114-2004

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68 responses

  1. Dear Abraham. I couldn’t find CBE’s and CBB’s establishment regulations 202/1994 & 203/1994 in the blog. Did i miss a system in searching the mentioned regulation? Or the documents were not posted. Thanks for the effort u made in availing so many valuable documents!!!

  2. tilahun yihedego | Reply

    i am looking for the capital goods registration & administration regulation No.309/2014. can attach it for me.


    please send the federal civil service disciplinary directives of regulation no 77/2002 e.c.

  4. Hi Abraham would you send me the latest Ethiopian Allowance Regulations fro government workers? Thank you

  5. Gulelat Teshome Gurara | Reply

    I need to get to procl No 455/2005,for expropriation of land holdings for Public purpose…,Regulation No 135/2007 , and proclamation for the establishment of A.A water and sewerage authority

  6. hi Abrham would u mined sending me regulation no. 3/2006

    1. Do you mean Regulation No. 300/2006 or 300/2006?
      Never heard of regulation no. 3/2006

  7. i am looking for CBE establishment regulation No.202/1994. can attach it for me.

  8. I am looking the latest mining law (amended). Would you please send to me . Thanks

  9. Hi Abrsish! Could you please extend for me the sales register machine use council of ministers regulations No. 139/2007. Icould,t trace it on your web

  10. thank you!

  11. I am very happy on this website. God bless you abrish.

  12. Hi Abrsh If you can please attache pro no,542/2007 to me !

  13. hi abrsh you been my teacher at haromaya university and we loved you a lot and
    it is nice to find you like these

  14. hi abrish i want to get 208/2011,plse help me

  15. hi abrish
    may peace be with you
    would you please attach me regulation no 270

  16. Ato Abrham Yohannes Please would you mind to send me the purpose and meaning of Gender mainstreaming? what we mean Gender Mainstreaming in Amharic?
    Mitiku Assefa from Ministry of Urban development and Construction.

  17. hi dear abrham i want to get your help , plz help me to get investment proclametion No. 270/2005

  18. Abeje kassahun | Reply

    Hi ! Abrham you are doing really a great it will pay in the future . One day everybody will talk about you and what you did !!!

  19. hi Abrham I abrshet you do you have regulation No 647/02 if you have please send via my email address

  20. atsbha ki/mariam | Reply

    hi Abrish! you did an excellent work. i would like the newest investment and its regulation no.270/2005

  21. HI Abrish please attach to me regulation 208/2003 I think its trasnsport regulation

  22. i am looking for 572/2000 requlation could you please help. about natioanlized house

  23. admin my seniour thesis papoer will be don on travel agnecy in ethiopia .so admin if u have regulation and proclametion about travel agency pleas atach in my mail thank you.

  24. hi Abrham
    can u sand me pro no 622/01 e.c

  25. hi abrish how can get new federal police regulation

  26. pls send me regulation no 251/2004

  27. Hi Abrish ! I want,please,to download proc.# 25/1988

  28. I can not find Licensing and Supervision of Insurance business Proclamation No. 86/1994. Pls help me to find it

  29. i can not access for the regulation number 14`1/2007, the wrong with it, please

    1. Could not find ant problem downloading. Check your internet connection.

      1. gebre yohannes haile

        Abrish, you are very good person ever know who tries to share his knowledge to others.Thank you very much. Would u please find me the labour law 377-96

      2. wubishet tamene

        is there any amendment on commercial bank Ethiopia on cealing retairment age

  30. Good job, Abraham
    Would you please help me to get written legislation on the “work retirement age” for civil servants in Ethiopia?

  31. hi abreham how u,i just want foreign investement,construction and registration of property law and regulation as soon as u can .tnx

  32. Abram how do i get council of ministries directive no 71/2004 on costsharing(memriya)

  33. abrsh woh can i get directive no 71/2004 on costsharing

  34. directive 71/2004 pls

  35. Hi Abreham please attaches to me different formats of claim, defence , appeal and other formats as contract of sale,will—–

  36. Please! how can I get the the excution guide line 1/2000 E.c. document?
    WIll you kindly send to me through my email adress?
    Thank you! Sincerly yous.
    Mitiku Assefa,
    Email Address=

    1. Would you mind to attach on my e-mail address
      criminal execution guideline 1/2000 E.c.
      Thank you!
      Sincerely yous.
      Mitiku Assefa,
      Email Address,

  37. hi! Abraham! how are you? thanks for giving me all access,but i couldn’t find regulation number 154/2000.please send to me if you have by the following address.
    thank you!!

  38. hey abrish i couldn’t find regulation number 157/2008 of the national bank please send me or help me the site.


  40. Abrish could you attach regulation no 157/2008…i couldn’t find it any where

  41. Lubo E. Shiferaw | Reply

    Site very useful.

  42. i want regulation No 134/1998,138/1998 and 147/1991. thank you

  43. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you, for you have been making prompt and positive replies to my requests. I wish that our Creator bless you. Abrish, could please post and fix links for regulations no. 1, 3, 105, 120-140, 154-170, and 204. I am looking forward to you usual action.

  44. I can not download regulations #57-67. Can you fix the problem?

    1. now fixed! thanks again for the comment.
      I am also checking the remaining links.

  45. I can not download regulations #41-67. What is the rationale behind?

  46. I can not download regulations #41-56. What is the rationale behind?

    1. you are right I also got “file not found message”
      Now, the problem is fixed and you can download the regulations.
      thanks for the comment.

  47. Happy Christmas, Abrish!! You are doing all your best benevolently. God bless you. Can you get proclamations and regulations of the regional states besides the federal ones; for example, Debub Negarit?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I have some regional laws (Harari, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa) but not Debub laws. But, the problem until now has been not with getting access to Regional laws, but the limited space available for on (which is free) I am seeking some help from some friends so that they will on-line payment for space upgrade and in return I will refund in Ethiopian currency.
      Any ways there will be some interesting developments on Ethiopian legal brief in 2012.

      1. Hi Abrish,
        Has this issue been solved? Please let me know and see what we can do. Like I said in my previous e-mail, I can do that on your behalf and can’t thank you enough for the effort you are making to enrich the documentation.


  48. tewodros w/micael | Reply

    hi abrham can i get regulation no.168/2001 charities and socity regulation please

  49. Selamta to Dear Abram!
    Arham are you fine.
    Abram if you can please attaches to me the ” Ethiopia National Tiater Regulation ” this regulatio was issued in June, 2011
    Thank Dear Abrham !

  50. Hi Abrham ! how are you .
    Abrham If you can attches to me the index of the Regulations 2009 of Ethiopian calender .
    Thank You Abraham !

  51. HI ABERSH 10Q

  52. I see this page today,by the way are you an Ethiopian?????????? Amazing!!!!
    please,let you share your experience to others too!!!!!!!!!!

    Many blessings!!!

    1. Are u fine?

  53. Hi Abraham ! I want to Regulation 164/2010
    Tank you !

  54. I want to regulation No 164 / 2010 | Reply

    Hi ! Abrish , If you can attach to me Regulation No 164/2010 .
    Tank you !

  55. I want to regulation No 164 / 2010 | Reply

    Hi ! how are you Abrish ? only from regulation no 1 to regulation no 102/2004 , but there is no others regulation. If you can please attaches to me !
    Tank you !

    1. You can now get all regulations

      1. Hi Abrham, pls help me by sending to me all NGO rule & regulations within

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