National Policies and Strategies

National Sport Policy

National culture Policy

National Youth Policy

Capacity Building Strategy & Program

Democratic Syatem Building

Education & Training Policy (Amharic)

Education and Training Policy (English)



Foreign Affairs and Nationa Security Policy and Strategy (English)

Foreign and national security Policy and strategy (Amharic)

Industrial Developement Strategy

Nationa Adult Education strategy (Amharic)

National drug policy of the transitional government of Ethiopia

National Energy Policy

National technic and vocationa education strategy (Amharic)

Pastoral Education Stratigy (Amharic)

Policy on anti-retroviral drugs supply and use

Rural & Agricultural Developement Policy & Strategy

Techical & Vocational Training Strategy

Transitional Government Drug Policy

Transitional Government Health Policy

TVET strategy CONDENSED final-Amharic 2007

Water Policy

Water strategy


  1. Addis

    Dear Abraham, I appreciate your work. it is really a great job. This was my dream to get all Ethiopian policies.Hope you will attached to me through my email.

    It would be nice for me to refer the policy and strategy documents are they are to be available in the English language.
    Especially, all health policies based on diseases in Ethiopia.



    Thank you for sharing me about the existing laws available in the country. This helps me to have a good idea laws. but I need to know more about the currently available Federal laws policy recently published and distributed.Can you see me a copy of the documents by my e-mail address.


  3. Belachew Jemere

    Abrish, how are you ? Please send me FDRE criminal justice policy English version.


  4. Mohammed

    Wonderful keep it up Abreham.


  5. this site is very contributory to the Ethiopian legal academia. it provides an easy access to Ethiopian law and policies. i wish success and health to the manager of this site.


  6. Mebratu Gezahegn

    I need to read more & to stay attached with your web sites


  7. kemal umer

    I need policy regarding transport infrastructure development


  8. selamawit

    Hi Abraham, thanks for your amazing job. would you please get me working procedure of council of ministries, 2005


  9. biniam estifanos geberemeskel

    am so happy to have this opportunity


  10. ketema

    Hi!if you are volentary i want to read and now en

    v’tal policy of ethiopia


  11. Mekonnen Gashu

    Dear, would you feed the National Policy and strategies of Ethiopia in one attachement


  12. Yemisrach

    Oh this is a wonderful job. Thank you for managing the cost of information search for us in need so easy.

    May I get Trade and Foreign investment regulation apart from regulation 270/2012, please?


  13. martha

    hi, could u pls help me get policies about gender equality or domestic violence in Ethiopia? ???


  14. Eshetu Shanko

    Dear Sir,
    This is very nice information, If possible i need eco labeling in import/export packaging. Its policy framework and constraints/impact in export business due to eco labling procedural incapabilities.


  15. Yeshimebet

    Dear Abraham, Can you help me to get a printable copy, please? I need it very much.


  16. fere

    can i get the criminal justice policy please….


  17. Samson

    Thank you so much. Great job, Abrham.

    You are making things more accessible. Its an exemplary Hub to get policy, strategy and Proclamation related documents.


  18. Dear Sir/madam:

    please whould you provide the national environmental policy in Ethiopia?


  19. wubishet

    Dear Sir/madam:

    Do you provide me national environmental policy in Ethiopia? and I ‘m welcomed with the service given.


  20. melkamu kebede

    forien and national security policy stratagy of ethiopia in amharic


  21. Dear Abreham,
    Great job. I would like to ask u something. I m in the process of importing some food item from europe. But I have not got a solid information on the legislation and procedure i need to follow to get the job started. could u plss help?
    Thank u.


  22. woldu tklu

    good job keep it up /


  23. Teshale Teshome

    Dera Ato Abrham
    I thank you for making things very easy. I am police officer and student of Development management as well. Your wesite helping me very much specially in our countries policies and strategies. When we have issues related with policy, strategies and other legislatives, we are always do not worry from where we get it. You mad it easy accessable.
    Thanks alot again.


  24. Asad

    Dear Abrham
    I am Asad, Studying MA public policy studies at Ethiopian Civil Service University. I was searching for urban development policy of Ethiopia, so I would really appreciate if you could help me to that policy. I can be reached at



  25. Ejigu Gebeye

    Dear Sir/madam:

    Do we have food policy in Ethiopia? Like food hygiene and sanitation policy or strategy or guideline or….?


  26. Mequanint dubie

    Abirishi you did what the what the good citizen expected to done but I need some law books would u upload it.


  27. It help me to know about ethiopia thank yuo


  28. mulu kahsay

    Hi I appreciate this program It helps me to know about the policies and legislations of Ethiopia please If it is possible i need the negarit gaeta NO 691/20003 about gender mainstreaming. thankyou.


  29. christina zhao

    Dear Abrham,

    I’m christina and doing my master about development in UK. We’ll have a field trip to Ethiopia in May and I just find your great website when I search some information about infrastructure in Ethiopia and the national and local policy. Well, could you help me to find the policy in terms of infrastructure as I could not find above here and it would be better if it’s relate to transport. I feel sorry to bother you and I’ll really appreciate that if you could help me to find more information about this. If you can please attache it with the email:
    Thank you very much!!!!!


  30. Getahun Tekola

    Thank you Abreham, Good job. Can youy please get me security polices related to our national interest.


  31. frew girmay

    Hiii..first of all i would like to appreciate your effort of providing as important materials and if you can i need materials related to regional rural land laws and family law of tigray regional state


  32. Akash Shrestha

    Dear Mr. Abrham, I see that you have tried to avail a lot of Ethiopian policies to the reader. I am Akash Shrestha from Nepal and I am very new to the field of research. I am currently studying Nepal Airlines Corporation. I have learned that Ehiopian Airlines is one of the success stories of state-run enterprises. So I wanted to compare its Act or any other regulating document with that of Nepal Airlines Corporation Act. Could you please link me up with the Act that regulates Ethipian Airlines? I have googled it a lot but just can’t seem to get my hands on the Act. It would be great if you helped. I can be reached at


  33. Beyene Letta

    Hi. Mr. Abrham, I really appreciate your wonderful attempts.I have one question regarding the new proclamation of mining which is what points this proclamation doesn’t contain and shortcoming of it ?


  34. Mhrtey

    Dear Mr Abrham. i want to thank your all deeds of feeding all the policies ,strategies and proclamation. it is now to ask you that to send me the good governance package of Ethiopia which was revealed in the PASDEP. it is urgently needed .and better to send me via ma email
    i thank u


  35. tsion Y

    Thank you. It’s really a good compilation, but why is The National Policy on Ethiopian Women not included?


  36. mileate

    Mr Abraham would you please tell me how the implementation is going on?


  37. Anteneh

    hi, could you get me the new criminal justice policy?


  38. Mhrtey

    Hi Mr.Abrham Yohanns . i really want to froward my bottom heart appreciation for your good deeds .having saying so ,i want to ask you is there any directive or package on good governance ?or if there any material vis-a`-vis good governance .if any plz try to send me b/c i am intending to carry out a research on that tile .hence i hereby asking you to do your usual cooperation.
    i thank u my email is


  39. habtamu

    Hi. Mr Abrham, I appreciate your attempts to make all documents related to law , can you please help me research about attorney contribution on justice system or related materials write in amharic .if you can please attach it with the email


  40. Amare Engdayehu

    it is really a good review


  41. Mekuanint Tesfaw

    Hi. Mr Abrham, I appreciate your attempts to make all the national documents accessible to we citizens and others who are interested with it. May I bother you? Can you find and post the National policy on Ethiopian Women adopted by the Transitional Government of Ethiopia, Office of the Prime Minister, 1993 . It is because I am doing a Masters Thesis on Ethiopian women; subjects and agents in Customary and Religious Conflict Resolution Institutions. It will really help me to produce excellent research, so that, contributes its part to the area. If you can please attache it with the email:


  42. shi

    I like the work


  43. Tigabu Alamir

    Hello, Dear Abrham
    Really You are making Complex tasks easy and things gonna right! Your the one who works his best for the People who are in search of Information. It may not be exaggeration if I say “Your are the true patriot for the Country”


  44. melkamu adam

    great work…


  45. Addis Gemechu

    Dear Abrham, i think you are doing great job in terms of enhancing access to laws.

    can i get regulation No.211/2011? please help.


  46. Zerihun tufa bacha

    I woul like to work with adult


  47. I want the list of all the policies


  48. Tena Feyisa Gemeda

    I want all Ethiopian national policies


  49. Michael

    since you are amiable person you are not a type to be forgotten,your effort is have no words to appreciate as legal sector member,one thing i am going to quest u is, please if you have the access attach the draft laws before ratified by HPR to substantiate and even repeal it or render amendment.
    Many thanks,


  50. how we will implement federalism on developing nations men?


  51. Are we rely on the way of true federalism?


    • shimelis adane

      federalism badly deserves the realization of two basic foundations of governance;autonomy and decentralization. it is something simulation if federalism is coined as it is in the absence of neither. on the other hand achieving autonomy and decentralization requires to go through a range of operations. to bring autonomy of governance, we have to develop a constitution which properly share power of the state between the two tiers of government and the federal units particularly shall have a capacity(financial, managerial as well institutional) to exercise their power. decentralization in effect demands decentralization of state power and decentralization party plat form. in the country where the party exercise centralized decision making federalism remain a mere echo whether the constitution divides power or not. it is rightly indifference. in Ethiopian neither are in place. the country is characterized by a party that has a monopoly of decision making and regions are serving as a mere instrumental schemes of matters that are gotten a final resolution at party plate form. even the constitution is accorded trifle powers for federal units.


  52. SF

    what about national policy on women?


  53. Teshome

    what about social security policy and strategy?


  54. Getenesh

    what u r doing is great! it is very great that we are able to get all in one place like this. thanks to u!
    but i have one request from u, can you please teach us about what policy, strategy, directives, guidelines etc. are? many people do not understand what all these things mean including me. i think it will be best if you have pages that regularly post issues relates with these topics.


  55. abebaw

    abrham can you get me directive no 555/2000 on house ajencce? thanks!


  56. Hello, how are u doing?
    Can u please help me some references on land possession in adisababa


  57. hello Ato Abraham, HOW ARE YOU DOING? i am law GC student at jimma university, and by graduation title is The adequacy of administrative controls regulating intercountry adoption in ethiopia. therefore i requast you to provide me the laws(proclm, regulation, and if any directives) aswell the guidelines on intercountry adoption. thank you


  58. meti

    I appreciate that how u try to help people to know their policy and strategies. and i want to ask u why don’t u include women policy? if u can please include it in ur folders so that I can get access to the policy. thank u again


  59. Yared Belay

    Thanks for your help and i can also help you some directives concerning Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Directive


  60. Michal Girma

    Greetings Ato Abraham,
    how does one download the materials on from the category of “National policies and strategies”and if it is not possible, how can I find them?
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
    Michal G.


  61. g.tesfaye

    thanks for your service
    is there any law ammend temporarley about used machineryor new been non taxable


  62. Kidane Ayele

    Dear Abraham
    you have been doing nice
    would it be possible to to you to post Federal supreme court cassasion dicision (volumes 6-10)


  63. tensae

    abrham can you get me directive no 71/2004 on costsharing? thanks!


  64. mesfin f.

    Thanks Abraham;
    It would be nice to have such comprehensive blogs in other fields too.
    You have done a great job.
    Mesfin F.


  65. Gosa

    interesting wesite
    does ethiopian has drug policy currently?





  67. Gebrechristos Taka

    This website provide interesting laws and proclamations ,pleace release details.


  68. Christin

    Hi, maybe someone could help me with these questions:

    Do you have any national legislation regarding to the ban of plastic bags in Ethiopia? Are there any requirments for energy consumption, energy efficiency and eco-labelling related to IT-Hardware? Any laws and/or drafts for these topics?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    • Ethiopian law prohibits putting on the market any plastic bag that is not
      labeled to how whether it is biodegradable or not (Article 8 of Solid Waste
      Management Proclamation No.513 /2007)
      No Official requirements for energy consumption, energy efficiency and Eco-labeling related to IT-Hardware.

      However, there are some related laws and policy documents stated in General terms which to some extent are relevant.


      Article 23 Telecommunication Services Council of Ministers Regulations No. 47/1999
      ICT infrastructure Manual for Leather Industry (AMHARIC)
      Final Draft Strategy for the Implementation of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in Ethiopia
      National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
      Information Exchange Standard: Final Document
      By Standardization and Regulatory Project

      The previous Quality and Standards Authority (QSA) had formulated an Ethiopian Standard for for Information technology.

      Unfortunately, The agency is split into Four and the project is now being undertaken by one of the newly established agency.

      for more info:,%20Standards%20Authority%20Splits%20in%20Four.htm

      This site also contains useful information, but most of the links are broken:

      The Capacity building directorate of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
      Provide the following types of technical support services when needed necessary for government organizations that will not be treated or handled by e-government service.
      Prepare technical specifications for Hardware & Software.
      Evaluation of technical proposals.
      Hardware & Software Inspection.
      End user support/fixing technical problems.
      Evaluation of Term of Reference (TOR)

      In most of the bid documents prepared by specific administrative agencies, energy consumption, energy efficiency and Eco-labeling are

      usually included as a criteria.

      The Ethiopian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is considering a new bill to certify the competence of exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers in the IT and electronic sector in Ethiopia

      You can also get more information about the issue from:

      ICT-ET a Non-Governmental organization established to :to EXPOSE, ENGAGE and ENABLE the private sector within the ICT industry in Ethiopia.”
      The Ethiopian Cleaner Production Center (ECPC)


  69. Mesay

    Thank you Abrham


  70. nega

    Der Ato Abrham
    it is great bute u have to see the remote part of Ethiopia lik somali regen and others


    • Do you mean sharing the laws, regulations and policies of these regions?
      In that case, going to these areas and collecting materials requires sufficient budget for the task.


      • kebebew

        hi abrish thank for all your effort.i am one of your student in dire – daw and haramaya university and currently i want much advice from you if you will be volunteer.


      • Mekuanint Tesfaw

        Hi. Mr Abrham, I appreciate your attempts to make all the national documents accessible to we citizens and others who are interested with it. May I bother you? Can you find and post the National policy on Ethiopian Women adopted by the Transitional Government of Ethiopia, Office of the Prime Minister, 1993 . It is because I am doing a Masters Thesis on Ethiopian women; subjects and agents in Customary and Religious Conflict Resolution Institutions. It will really help me to produce excellent research, so that, contributes its part to the area. If you can please attache it with the email:


  71. kibur

    This is the best source about Ethiopian laws,regulations…


  72. Endale Lemma

    Thank you dear Abrham, it is really a great job!

    It would be nice for us to refer the policy and strategy documents is they are to be available in English language.


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