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Some unusual facts about repeal in Ethiopia (Part II)

Double Repeal and repeal after indefinite period of time It is difficult even for law makers to remember each and every law they have amended and repealed. With the ever increasing quantity of legislations issued by the law maker and subordinate organs, sometimes it may happen that a provision of the law be repealed twice. […]

Some unusual facts about repeal in Ethiopia

I was writing an article under a general title ‘Some unusual facts about repeal in Ethiopia’ After writing the first topic I found it good to break it down in to a series of posts. Here is the first part Repeal of a court decision by law (Legislative review of Court Decisions?) According to the […]


DOWNLOAD Proc no. 674-201 Pesticide Registration and Control Proclamation PROCLAMATION NO. 674/2010 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE REGISTRATION AND CONTROL OF PESTICIDE WHEREAS, the use of pesticides for different purposes such as for raising crops, animal breeding and the protection of public health has been growing steadily; WHEREAS, it is necessary to lay down […]

Swedes Schibbye and Persson ‘pardoned’ by Ethiopia

BBC News – Swedes Schibbye and Persson ‘pardoned’ by Ethiopia. Ethiopia has pardoned two Swedish journalists jailed last year for supporting terrorism, an official has said, adding they would be freed soon. Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson are serving an 11-year jail term after they were captured in July 2011 with rebels in eastern Ethiopia. […]

New Proclamations 2012 (2004 E.C.)

Proclamation No.731/2012 Commercial Registration and Business Licensing /Amendment/ Proclamation No.732/2012 IGAD Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No.733/2012 IGAD Convention on Extradition Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No.734/2012 International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No.735/2012 Protocol Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, […]

Compiled Administrattive Directives

Now You can easily get all directive in ONE. Use Bookmark or Table of Contents to find a specific directive within the compilation. Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority Consolidated Tax and Customs Directives የተጠቃለሉ የቀረጥ ግብር እና ጉምሩክ መመሪያዎች National Bank of Ethiopia LICENSING AND SUPERVISION OF BANKING BUSINESS Consolidated National Bank Directives LICENSING AND […]

The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation No. 729-2012

The Sport Facilities Administration Proclamation may not be as controversial as the new Urban Land Lease Proclamation; however, an unexpected incident during its adoption has made it somewhat  ‘Historical’ document. An interesting description regarding the incident is found on capital, one of the country’s top business newspapers. In a rare show of dissident in the […]

New 2011-12 (2004 E.C.) Proclmations

Proclamation No.720-2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission establishment Proclamation No. 721-2011 Urban Land Lease Proclamation Proclamation No. 722-2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation Proclamation No 723-2011 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation Proclamation No. 724-2011 Export […]

Period of time to dismiss a worker for misconduct (Summary of cassation decisions)

Introduction According to Ethiopian labour law, an employer loses his right to dismiss a worker irrespective of a valid ground of dismissal, if he fails to make a decision to terminate the employment contract within 30 working days. The time starts to run from the  date the employer knows the ground for the termination. (Article […]

Ethiopian Public Procurement Law applicable only to the private sector

“this Proclamation does not apply to contracts a public body enters into with another public body for the provision of goods, works, consultancy or other services at cost.” The Ethiopian Federal Government Procurement and Property administration Proclamation No.649/2009 Article 3(2) (b) In developing countries like Ethiopia, the provision of services to the citizen is one […]


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