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Mulugeta Getu, Law Schools’ Access to Legislation and Decisions: Current Trends and Suggested Outlets

Law Schools’ Access to Legislation and Decisions: Current Trends and Suggested Outlets      DOWNLOAD (pdf) (Journal of Legal Education Vol. 3, No.2            December 2010 ) Mulugeta Getu (LLB, LLM, Lecturer in Law Haramaya University College of Law.) Introduction Legislations enacted by the different organs of the regional and federal states and precedents (interpretation of law given […]

Mizan Law Review Vol 5, No 2 (2011)

Mizan Law Review publishes peer reviewed scholarly articles that identify, examine, explore and analyze legal and related principles, stipulations and concepts based on research findings. Mizan’s articles aim at interpretation, description, exploration and diagnosis towards the solution of problems (or legal issues) including proactive critique and projection that assist the development of laws.(Source African Journals […]

The New Urban Lands Lease Holding Proclamation No. 721 /2011 (Published on Negarit Gazetta)

URBAN LAND LEASE PROCLAMATIONS No. 721 –2011 (DOWNLOAD  pdf) New Land lease Proclamation No. 721 –2011 Federal Negarit Gazeta No.4 28th November, 2011 18th Year No.4 Addis Ababa 28th November, 2011                             Proclamation No. 721/2011 A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR LEASE HOLDING OF URBAN LANDS Short title: Urban Lands Lease Holding Proclamation No. 721 /2011. […]

Basic requirements for the formation of a consortium of Charities and Societies

Basic requirements for the formation of a consortium of Charities and Societies Following the coming in to force of Charities and Societies Proclamation no. 621-2009, the executive organ has issued regulations and directives for the implementation of the law. The Council of Ministers, which is delegated with a general power of issuing regulations for the […]

One year of blogging — 2011 in review

I think it is not too late to say merry Christmas. Merry Christmas for all!! 2011 was a wonderful year in my blogging activity. Here is a brief overview. I started (now on January 18, 2011 (only days left to celebrate my first year.) During this one year, Ethiopian legal brief has grown […]

New Draft Insurance Proclamation Submitted to Ethiopian Cabinet |

New Draft Insurance Proclamation Submitted to Ethiopian Cabinet | Related news Draft Insurance Proclamation Rewrites Existing Requirements | Addis Fortune


The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority has prepared a draft proclamation to govern the advertising business. The draft has been presented to stakeholders for discussion. The draft contains 38 articles. The draft requires any person who wants to engage in advertising activity to obtain an advertising business license. The contents of any advertisement must comply with the […]


  About TADDESE LENCHO (profile is at the time this article written) Currently a Lecturer, formerly the Associate Dean and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, Addis Ababa University; he holds LL.B (AAU), LL.M(University of Michigan Law School) r am grateful to all the assessors who kindly went through the draft version of […]

Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations

DOWNLOAD the pdf version of Corrigenda to proclamations and Regulations. “A corrigendum of a legislative text is conventionally thought of as a mere rectification of obvious typing mistakes. It is done after the publication of a legislative text. Its purpose is to realign the published legislative text with the original will of the legislative body […]

2009/10 (2002 E.C.) Council of Ministers Regulations

Regulation no. 160-2009 National Lottery Administration Re-establishment Regulation no. 161-2009 Coffee Quality Control and Transaction Regulation no. 162-2009 Irrigation Development Investment Incentives Regulation no. 163-2009 Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization Regulation no. 164-2009 Council of Ministers Income Tax (Amendment) Regulation no, 165-2009 Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise Establishment Regulation no. 166-2009 Work Permit Fees (As Amended) […]


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