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Repealed Laws 2003

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Addis Ababa City Government Charter Proclamation No. 87/1997 Addis Ababa City Government Revised Charter Proclamation No. 311/2003[i] 2 The Federal Police Proclamation No. 207/2000 Federal Police Commission Proclamation No.313/2000 3 The National Military Service Proclamation No. 322/1973. The National Military Service Regulation No. 444/1973. Establishment of National Military […]

Repealed Laws 2002

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 2 The Central Personnel Agency and Public Service Order Number 23/1961 (as amended) The Organization of The Central Personnel Agency Regulations Number 270/1963 Federal Civil Servants Proclamation No. 262/2002[i] 3 The House of Peoples’ representatives Legislative Procedure Proclamation No. 14/1996 The House of Peoples representatives Legislative Procedure (Amendment) Proclamation No. […]

Repealed Laws 2001

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Export Trade Duty Incentive Scheme Establishing Proclamation No. 69/1993 Export Trade Duty Incentive Scheme Establishing Proclamation No. 249/2001[i] 2 Establishment of the Secretariat of the House of peoples’ Representatives and of the House of the Federation Proclamation No. 13/1988 Proclamation No. 253/2001 Establishment of the Secretariat of the House […]

Repealed Laws 2000

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Ethiopian Institute of Geological Survey Establishment Proclamation No.230/1982 Geological Survey of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No.194/2000 2 The Water Resources Utilization Proclamation No.92/1994 Ethiopian Water Resources Management Proclamation No.197/2000 3 Courts (Registration of Advocates) Rules (Legal Notice No. 166/ 1952) Federal Courts Advocates’ Licensing and Registration Proclamation No. 199/2000 […]

Repealed Laws 1999

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Kadis and Naibas Councils Establishment Proclamation No. 62/1944 Federal Courts of Sharia Consolidation Proclamation No.188/1999 2 The Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No.104/1992 Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise Re-establishment Council of Ministers Regulations No. 58/1999 3 All provisions of Road Transport Tariffs Council of Ministers […]

Repealed Laws 1998

No. REPEALED TEXT REPEALING TEXT 1 Livestock and Meat Board Proclamation No.212/1964; Livestock and Meat Board Order No. 34/ 1964. Proclamation No. 117/1998 Animal, Animal Products and by-products Marketing ,Development Authority[i] Establishment Proclamation[ii] 2 The Civil Code (Amendment) Proclamation No. 65/1997 Proclamation No. 97/1998 Property Mortgaged or Pledged with Banks Proclamation[iii] 3 The Ethiopian Authority […]

Repealed Laws 1997

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 Customs and Export Duties Proclamation No.39/1943 The Proclamation to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Customs Proclamation No. 145/1955 Customs and Export Duties Measurement Regulations No. 48/1944 Customs Working Hours Regulation No. 169/1952 Proclamation No. 60/1997 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation[i] 2 The Business Enterprises […]

Repealed Laws 1996

No. Repealed text Repealing text 1 The Central Government Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 40/1993 (as amended) Proclamation No. 25/1996 Federal Courts Proclamation[i] 2 The Imperial Army proclamation No: 68/1944 The Administration of Officers of the Armed Forces Order No. 81/1973 The Armed Forces Officers Promotion, Obligatory Service and  Dismissal Regulations No. 429/1973 The Military Courts […]

Repealed Laws 1995

No. Repealed Text Repealing Text 1 The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Establishment Proclamation No. 173/1979 (as amended) Proclamation No.10/1995 Disaster Prevention and   Preparedness Commission[i] Establishment Proclamation 2 The Ethiopian Tourism Commission Establishment Proclamation No. 182/1980 Proclamation No. 11/1995 Tourism commission[ii] establishment 3 The Transitional Period Charter The Definition of the Powers and Functions of the […]

Proclamation No. 761/2012 Telecom Fraud Offence Proclamation

You can get the pdf version on the following link Proclamation No. 761/2012 Telecom Fraud Offence Proclamation WHEREAS, considering that telecom fraud is increasing and wide-spreading from time to time thereby encumbering the telecom industry to play an essential role in the implementation of peace, democratization and development programs of the country; WHEREAS, recognizing […]


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