1994/ 2002 Proclamations and Regulations

Proc No. 255-2001 Administration of the President

Proc No. 256-2001 Reorganization of the Executive Organs

Proc No. 257-2001 Ethiopian National Security Council Establishment

Proc No. 258-2001 1994 Fiscal Year Federal Supplementary Budget

Proc No. 259-2001 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Proc No. 260-2001 OPEC Fund for International Development

Proc No. 261-2001 Export of Textile and Apparel Products

Proc No. 262-2002 Federal Civil Servants

Proc No. 263-2002 Recess and Time-in-Session of the House of representative

Proc No. 264-2002 African Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proc No. 265-2002 African Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proc No. 266-2002 African Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proc No. 267-2002 Animal Diseases Prevention and Control

Proc No. 268-2002 Water Resources Development Fund Establishment

Proc No. 269-2002 Ethiopian Rural Energy Development

Proc No. 270-2002 Providing Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian

Proc No. 271- 2002 House of Peoples’ Representatives Legislative procedure

Proc No. 272- 2002 Re-Enactment of Urban Lands Lease Holding

Proc No. 273-2002 Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Re-establishment

Proc No. 274-2002 Cooperatives’ Commission Establishment

Proc No. 275-2002 Fourth Amendment of the Articles of Agreement

Proc No. 276-2002 National HIV-AIDS Prevention and, Control

Proc No. 277-2002 Public Enterprises Supervising Authority

Proc No. 278-2002 Rotterdam Convention Ratification

Proc No. 279-2002 the Stockholm Convention on Persistent

Proc No. 280-2002 Investment  proclamation

Proc No. 281-2002 Telecommunications (Amendment)

Proc No. 282-2002 1995 Fiscal Year Budget

Proc No. 283-2002 African Charter on the Rights and Welfare

Proc No. 284- 2002 Ethio-Djibouti Utilization of Port of Djibouti

Proc No. 285-2002 Value Added Tax

Proc NO. 286-2002 Income Tax

Proc No. 287-2002 Tax on Coffee Exported from Ethiopia (Amendment)

Proc No. 288-2002 National Agricultural Input Authority Establishment

Reg No. 76-2002 Ethiopian Health Professionals Council Establishment

Reg No. 77-2002 Federal Civil Servants Disciplinary and Grievance procedure

Reg No. 78-2002 Council of Ministers Income Tax

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