Ethiopian Legal Brief

1997/2005 Proclamations and Regulations

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Proc No. 420-2004 Ethio-Algeria Trade Agreement Ratification

Proc No. 421-2004 Ethio-Libya Trade Agreement Ratification

Proc No. 422-2004 Ratification of the Agreement

Proc No. 423-2004 Reciprocal Promotion and Protection

Proc No. 424-2004 Public Servants’ Pension (Amendment)

Proc No. 425-2004 International Development Association

Proc No. 426-2004 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Proc No. 427-2004 International Development Association

Proc No. 428-2004 Convention on the Prohibition of the Use

Proc No. 429-2004 The Sub-regional Nairobi protocol

Proc No. 430-2005 determining procedures of Public Procuremnt

Proc No. 431-2004 The African Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proc No. 432-2004 Ethiopian Aviation Security

Proc No. 433-2005 Revised Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Proc no. 434-2005 Revised Anti-Corruption Special Procedure

Proc No. 435-2005 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Proc No. 436-2005 European Investment Bank Finance Contract

Proc No. 437-2005 Tourism Cooperation Treaty between

Proc No. 438-2005 Proclamation to make Electoral Law of Ethiopia

Proc No. 439-2005 Kyoto Protocol Ratification

Proc No. 440-2005 the Granting of Exclusive Agency on Certain

Proc No. 441-2005 International Development Association Development

Proc No. 442-2005 Central Statistics Authority Establishment

Proc No. 443-2005 International Development Association

Proc No. 444-2005 1997 Fiscal Year Supplementary Budget

Proc No. 445-2005 Nordic Development Fund Credit Agreement

Proc No. 446-2005 International Development Association

Proc No. 448-2005 International Fund for Agricultural Development

Proc No. 449-2005 Census commission Re-establishment

Proc No. 450-2005 Federal Urban Planning Institute Establishment

Proc No. 451-2005 International Development Association

Proc No.452-2005 Amendment on the Ethio-Iran Trade Agreement

Proc No.453 -2005 Ethio-Turkey Cooperation in Maritime

Proc No. 454-2005 Federal Courts Proclamation Reamendment

Proc No. 455-2005 Expropriation of land holdings for Public

Proc No. 456-2005 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Proc No. 457-2005 Raw Hide and Skin Marketing System

Proc No. 458-2005 International Development Association Finance

Proc No. 459-2005 Palace Administration Establishment

Proc No. 460-2005 Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement

Proc No. 461-2005 Investment Promotion and Reciprocal Protection

Proc No. 462-2005 Agreement on Culture, Education, Science

Proc No. 463-2005 Ethio-Sudan-Yemen Tripartite Maritime

Proc No. 464-2005 Protection of Telecommunications

Proc No. 465-2005 Definition of powers and duties of the Executive

Proc No. 466-2005 Labour (Amendment)

Proc No. 467-2005 Authentication and Registration of Documents

Proc No. 468-2005 Transport

Proc no. 471

Proc no.470

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