2002/03 (1995 E.C.) Proclamations

Proc No. 289-2002 International Development Association Cre

Proc No. 290-2002 International Development Association Cre

Proc No. 291-2002 International Development Association Cre

Proc No. 292-2002 Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of In

Proc No. 293-2002 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Afr

Proc No. 294-2002 African Development Fund Loan Agreement f

Proc No. 295-2002 Environmental Protection organs Establishment

Proc No. 296-2002 Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Tax

Proc No. 297-2002 Protocol on the Establishment of a Confli

Proc No. 298-2002 International Fund for Agricultural Devel

Proc No. 299-2002 Environmental Impact Assessment

Proc No. 300-2002 Environmental Pollution Control

Proc No. 301-2002 International Convention for the Suppress

Proc No. 302-2002 OAD Convention on the Prevention and Comb

Proc No. 303-2002 Convention on the Prevention and Punishmen

Proc No. 304-2002 International Convention Against the Taki

Proc No. 305-2002 International Development Association Cre

Proc No. 306-2002 Transfer of Doubtful Bank Debt to the Gov

Proc No. 307-2002 Excise Tax

Proc No. 308-2002 Turnover Tax

Proc No. 310-2003 OPEC Fund for International Development

Proc No. 311-2003 Addis Ababa City Government Revised Charter

Proc No. 312-2003 Ethio-Belgium General Development cooperation

Proc No. 313-2003 Federal police commission

Proc No. 314-2003 International Development Association

Proc No. 315-2003 Fisheries Development and Utilization
Proc No. 316-2003 International coffee Agreement 2001 Ratification  
Proc No. 317-2003 Rural Electrification Fund Establishment  
Proc No. 318-2003 Ethio-Sudan Preferential Trade Agreement   
Proc No. 319-2003 Ethio-Korea Republic Trade Agreement Ratification  
Proc No. 320-2003 Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Establishment 
Proc No. 321-2003 Federal Courts (Amendment)  
Proc No. 322-2003 the Federal High Court Establishment  
Proc No. 323-2003 The Treaty on the Reciprocal Promotion an  
Proc No. 324-2003 The Investment Incentive Agreement 
Proc No. 325-2003 The Ratification of the Agreement between  
Proc No. 326-2003 Ratification of the Agreement between the  
Proc No. 327-2003 Establishment of the National Reserve Force  
Proc No. 328-2003 Commercial Registration and Business licensing 
Proc No. 329-2003 Trade Practice  
Proc No. 330-2003 The International Treaty on Plant Genetic  
Proc No. 331-2003 Implementation of the Convention 
Proc No. 332-2003 Ratification of the Protocol to the Treat  
Proc No. 333-2003 Ratification of the Protocol Relating to   
Proc No. 334-2003 Authentication and Registration of Documents  
Proc No. 335-2003 Convention Concerning Prohibition and  
Proc No. 336-2003 Convention on forced or Compulsory Labour  
Proc No. 337-2003 The Swiss Federal Council Air Transport A  
Proc No. 338-2003 International Development Association Credit  
Proc No. 339-2003 Cooperation Agreement with Republic of   
Proc No. 340-2003 The African Development Fund loan Agreement  
Proc No. 341-2003 Chamber of commerce and sectoriaal Association  
Proc No. 342-2003 A proclamation to amend fuel price stability  
Proc No. 343-2003 Defense Forces (Amendment)  
Proc No. 344-2003 1995 Fiscal Year Supplementary Budget  
Proc No. 345-2003 Public Servants Pensions  
Proc No. 346-2003 Ethio-Cuba Trade Agreement Ratification  
Proc No. 347-2003 Ethio-Iran Trade Agreement Ratification  
Proc No. 348-2003 Ratification of the Convention for the Pa  
Proc No. 349-2003 Convention on Standards of Training, Cert  
Proc No. 350-2003 Ethio-Saudi Arabia General Cooperation Ag  
Proc No. 351-2003 Higher Education  
Proc No. 352-2003 protocol Agreement on Port Sudan Utilizat  
Proc No. 353-2003 The Amendment to the protocol Agreement o  
Proc No. 354-2003 Immigration  
Proc No. 355-2003 Bamako Convention Ratification  
Proc No. 356-2003 Basel Convention Amendment Ratification  
Proc No. 357-2003 Basel Protocol Ratification  
Proc No. 358-2003 1996 Fiscal Year Budget  
Proc No. 359-2003 System for the Intervention of the Federal  
Proc No. 360-2003 Ethiopian Information and Communication T  
Proc No. 361-2003 Addis Ababa City Government Revised Charter  
Proc No. 362-2003 Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Ratification  
Proc No. 363-2003 European Investment Bank Finance Contract  
Proc No. 364-2003 The Justice Sector Personnel Training Cen  
Proc No. 365-2003 Federal prisons commission Establishment  
Proc No. 366-2003 Inter-Governmental Authority on development  
Proc No. 367-2003 The Re-Establishment of the Federal Inland  
Proc No. 368-2003 Re-Establishment and modernization of customs  
Proc No. 369-2003 OPEC Fund for International Development  

Proc No. 370-2003 Condominium


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