2003/2011 Proclamations

Proclamation No. 718 National Payment System Proclamation

Proclamation No. 717 Export Import Bank of China Loan Agreements to Provide Loan for Financing the Gibe III

Proclamation No. 715 Private Organization Employees Pension Proclamation

Proclamation No. 714 Public Servants’ Pension Proclamation

Proclamation No. 713 Charter for the Cultural Renaissance of Africa Ratification

Proc No 712 OPEC Fund for International Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 711 Export Import Bank of India Credit Line Agreement to Provide Additional Loan for Financing Projects for the Development

Proclamation No. 710 Agreement Between the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of the Republic of Gabon

Proclamation No. 709 Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 708 Ethiopian Women’s Development Fund Dissolution

Proclamation No. 707 African Telecommunications Union Constitution

Proclamation No. 706 International Development Association Additional Financing

Proclamation No. 705 African Development Fund Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 704 2003 Fiscal Year Federal Government Supplementary Budget

Proclamation No. 703 Amendments of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 702 OPEC Fund for International Development Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 701 Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 700 Saudi Fund for Development Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 699 Protection of Witnesses and Whistleblowers of Criminal offenses

Proclamation No. 698 African Development Fund Additional Loan Agreement

Proclamation No. 697 2010 Export Import Bank of India Credit Line Agreement

Proclamation No. 696 2010 Export Import Bank of China Credit Agreement

Proclamation No. 695 2010 International Development Association Financing Agreement

Proclamation No. 694 2010 International Development Association Financing Agreement

Proclamation No. 693 2010 Income Tax (Amendment) Proclamation

Proclamation No. 692 2010 Sports Commission Establishment Proclamation

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  1. Hi, Abrish, I would like to appreciate your diligent works for those who want to refer the Ethiopian laws, particularly legal professionals in their day to day activities . Fortunately you have been my lecture at Haramaya University college of law in the summer program, and hence you are one of my respected person. This is a great contribution for development citizens awareness of the laws. keep it up

  2. Please, forward for me a proclamation pertaining to Third Pardty Insurance in relation to Vehicle. I could not trace it.

  3. thanks i am one of the student in admas university collage my name is abdifatah mohamed in our instructor of fund accounting was sent us a Ethiopian proclamation budget between 1995-2012 unfortunately i did not get please if you have that proclamation please upload that so as to benefit in all ethiopian student thanks in your great job

  4. Dear, Abraham,
    I have no word to express your effort in collecting Ethiopian Laws to the end users of it. Thanks a lot!
    But now, I want you to post the “Federal Urban Land and Land related Properties Registration and Information Agency, Establishment Proclamation or Regulation” Please post it now, if U have

    Thank u alot in advance

  5. Thank you Abrham for your diligent work .i did not expected all law books and regulation will posted . wow! I found it from now on i am voracious reader.
    big thanks
    Yonas Estifo

  6. Dear Abrish Could u please forward me any possible infos about how and from where to get the new proclamation on urban land lease::


      • Ato Abrham, you are doing a very great job. Dissemination of legal information is something that should have been focused on by institutions with more resources such as the HPR and the universities.

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