2011 Amendments

No. Amended Text Amended Text
1 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs  of  the  Federal  Democratic  Republic  of Ethiopia Proclamation No.691/2010 Proclamation No. 723/2011 Definition  of  Powers  and  Duties  of  the  Executive  Organs  of the  Federal  Democratic  Republic  of  Ethiopia  (Amendment) Proclamation
2 Article  6  of  the  Ethiopian  Railway  Corporation Establishment Council of  Ministers Regulation  No . 141/2007 Ethiopian Railway Corporation Establishment (Amendment) Council of Ministers Regulation No.  259/2011
3 Article  5  of Certain  Rights  and  Privileges  of Foreign Nationals  of Ethiopian  Origin  to  be  exercised  in  the Country  of  their  Origin  Council  of  Ministers Regulations  No.  101/2004 Certain  Rights  and Privileges  of Foreign  Nationals  of Ethiopian  Origin  to be  Exercised  in  the  Country  of their Origin  Council  of Ministers (Amendment) Regulation No.  252/2011

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