The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation (Regulation No. — /2009)

Whereas, it is found necessary to organize film, theatre, music, art, literature and similar products
of art in a way they contribute towards development, peace, building good governance, and image building with the view of caring and preserving the culture and language of the Nations, Nationalities and People in the City.
Whereas, it is necessary to support and control institutions, individuals and professionals involved
in cultural and tourism service sector to perform their activities in accordance with laws of the country;
Whereas, it is found necessary to issue a regulation that enables hotels, pensions,
restaurants, guest houses and other similar service rendering institutions, hosting domestic as well as foreign tourists, render quality service and regulating the issue of professional license for those involving in the sector;
Whereas, it is believed to direct, based on law, service rendering institutions involved in tourism,
hotel, videography, beauty salon and other sectors of art with the view to control illegal copy;
Now, therefore, in accordance with sub-article /1/ /f/ of Article 23 of the Revised Charter of the
Addis Ababa City Government Proclamation No. 361/2003 the City Cabinet has issued these regulations as follows.

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