Repealed Laws

Repealed Ethiopian Laws-1996

Repealed text

Repealing text

The Central Government Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 40/1993 (as amended) Proclamation No. 25/1996 Federal Courts Proclamation
  • the Imperial Army proclamation No: 68/1944;
  • the Administration of Officers of the Armed Forces Order No. 81/1973;
  • the Armed Forces Officers Promotion, Obligatory Service and  Dismissal Regulations No. 429/1973;
  • The Military Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 10/1987.
Proclamation No. 27/1996 Defence Forces Proclamation
The Flag ProclamationNo.3/1987 the Emblem of the Republic Proclamation No 4/ 1987. Proclamation No. 16/1996 Flag and Emblem Proclamation
Proclamation No. 23/1992 is hereby repealed Proclamation No. 24/1996 Federal Judicial Administration Commission Establishment Proclamation
The National Research Institute of Health EstablishmentProclamation No. 271/1985 Proclamation No. 26/1996A Proclamation to Repeal the National Research Institute of Health Establishment Proclamation
The Small-Scale Industries and Handicrafts DevelopmentAgency Establishment Proclamation No.


Small-Scale industries and Handicrafts Development Agency Establishment Proclamation Repealing Proclamation
The Encouragement ,Expansion and CoordinationOf Investment Proclamation No. 15/1992(as amended) Proclamation No. 37/1996 Investment Proclamation
  • Articles 35 to 41 of the Public Servants Pension Proclamation No. 209/1963 (as amended);
  • Public Service Pensions Commission Charter/ Legal Notice No. 250/1962.
Proclamation No. 38/1996 Social Security Authority Establishment
The Importation of Goods on Franco- Valuta Basis Council of ministers Regulations No. 1/1992 Council of Ministers Regulations No, 8/1996Importation of, Machinery and Goods on Franco-Valuta Basis Council of ministers Regulations

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