pre-1995 Ethiopian legislations

Now it seems relatively easy to get acess to the soft copy of Ethiopian legislations on the internet. There are some local and foreign sites maintaing a database of ethiopian laws. The federal Supereme court for instance, has uploaded ethiopian laws on its web site. Unfortunately you will not get laws issued in the past two years. They simply uploaded the collection of laws and codes that was first released through a CD. A very good place to look for ethiopian laws is the official site of the House of Peoples Representatives. But still there are some unfortunate news about the parliament’s web sites. Firstly the site is limited to providing laws issued by parliament i.e. Proclamations. Therefore it is not an option to find Regulations, Codes and Directives. Secondly, most of the time it is difficult to acess the website.

You can also acess all proclamation, directives, Codes and regulations on this blog (Ethiopian Legal Brief) just go to the Federal Laws page and click on any of the items of your choice. ( Click here to the laws page)

One problem generally applicable to all sites is that there is no single source providing a comprehensive and compele list of all ethiopian laws starting from the Imperial era. All the ethiopian laws available on a CD or on the internet start from Proclamation no. 1/1995. In some cases it is even difficult to get the hard copy of these laws.

For those of you who are in need of pre -proc no.1/95 ethiopian legislations, you can view, download or print some of them by following the links below.



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