Charities and Societies Proclamation (proc. no.621/2009)

98. Application for Public Collection
1/ No Charity or Society may conduct any public collection unless permit is granted by the Agency.
2/ The permit given under this Article shall specify the public collection purpose, duration, place and any other criteria set forth by the Agency.
3/Any money or property collected in contravention of Sub-article (1) of this Article shall be confiscated by the Agency and applied to the purpose of a similar Charity or Society.
99. Decision on Application
1/ On receiving an application for public collections permit the Agency may make such inquires as it deems fit and determine whether to issue or refuse a permit with or without conditions.
2/ Where the Agency refuses to issue a permit or attaches any condition to the permit, it must serve on the applicant written notice of its decision and the reasons for its decision.
100. Grounds for Refusal of a Public Collections
The Agency may refuse to permit a public collection on the following grounds:
1/ where the public collection is not going to be utilized for the purposes of the Charity or Society;
2/ any information provided by the applicant is false or misleading;
3/ where that any of the persons who are to conduct the public collection do not fulfill the requirements set forth in Article 70.
101. Grounds for Revocation of a Public Collections
1/ Agency may revock a public collection permit where:
a)after a permission is granted, it is shown that the requiments under Article 98 have not been fulfilled;
b)the public collection has been improperly administered;
c)the conditions set by the Agency for granting the permit have not been complied with.
2/ Where the Agency revoke a license under Sub-article (1) of this Article any money or property collected may be taken by the Agency and given to charitable purposes.

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