The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation (Regulation No. — /2009)

PART ONE General
1. Short title
This regulation may be cited as “The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation No 19./2009”
2. Definition
In these Regulations, unless the context requires otherwise,
1. “City” means the Addis Ababa City.
2. “Government” means the Addis Ababa City Government.
3. “Bureau” means the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Addis Ababa City Government.
4. “Proclamation” means Proclamation No. 15/2009 of the Addis Ababa City Government.
5. “Office” means the Office of Culture and Tourism of Sub-city.
6. ” Tourist service rendering institution” means one who, having lawful and valid trade license and professional license, is rendering services for tourists and includes travel agents, tour operators, individual tour operators, vehicle hiring, hotels, restaurants, handicrafts and souvenir shops, museums, galleries, night clubs, guest houses, recreational centers, and generally institution that render services for tourists entering to the City.
7. “Hotel” means an organization that renders services of bedroom, food, drink, and recreation, where necessary.
8.”Motel” means an organization which is established out of city to render service of fuel distribution, garage and hotel together with parking space for all types of vehicles, situated on the side of a highway.
9.”Gust house” means a house rented for guests with full household furniture and containing family room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom but without catering and food service
10.”Pension” means an organization which provides bedroom and breakfast service for customers.
11.”Restaurant” means an organization that provides food and drink service to customers having sufficient and complete feeding space.
12.”Night club service” means an organization which provides cultural or modern dance accompanied by DJ, orchestra or band, serving light food, Alcoholic or soft drinks for the customers.
13.”Tourist taxi service” means an institution or individual who rents taxi along with its driver for tourists on payment of service charge.
14.”Hotel and tourism training institution” means an institution that trains professionals in the hotel and tourism sector.
15.” Hotel and tourism consultant” means an institution that employed professionals with adequate knowledge of hotel and tourism and renders consultancy service in the field.
16.”Tourist” means a person who is not businessman but travels for, not less than twenty four hours or not more than one year, from his permanent place of residence or country for any reason.
17.”Tour operator” means an organization that coordinates or organizes travel, transports for tour, and operates tour, for domestic or foreign tourists, being supported by professionals who are acquainted with touring.
18.”Travel agent” means an organization that has secured lawful trade and professional license and communicates transporters and travelers, facilitates conditions on behalf of the traveler, and executes matters related to tourists through contract and representation.
19 “tour guide” means an individual trained in accredited institution and acquired professional license to provide tour operating service for tourists in museum or other tourist destinies.
20.”Tourist car rental” means an institution or individual that hires vehicle for tourists on contract basis, with or without driver, but has not involved in formal public or goods transporting trade activity.
21.”Handicraft and souvenir shop” means a firm that sale various cultural items, handcraft products, gift items, and art of the Nations and Nationalities.
22. “Promotion service” means doing the activity of advertising, works done by other persons or institutions in the field of arts or hotel and tourism, art products, tour service rendering, or tourist attractions.
23.”Art” means a profession that includes various activities such as music, dance, literature, theater, art, sculpture, film, fashion show, beauty contest, photography and other related fields.
24.”The art and culture center” means an institution organized to perform various activities of arts, cultural shows, and workshops and trainings related to culture.
25.”Film rating ” means a procedure by which standard and rate is set for a country film, produced domestically or abroad, the content and technical competence being examined by professional before release in any way for public vision.
26. “Film production” means producing fictional or documentary film.
27. “Theatre production” means producing stage, radio or television theatre.
28. “Music band” means a music institution which performs music employing musicians and owning musical instruments.
29. “Dance team” means team of professionals performing cultural or modern dance or folklore. or distribute his work for the public in theater and cinema hall through DVD,VCD and other electronic publications.
30. ” Film importer and distributor” means an individual or institution involved in the activity of distributing films which are imported or produced within the country.
31. “License to show film or theater” means license issued by the Bureau, for a person who is holding professional license in the field and has accomplished a film or theater , to show
32. “Preliminary examination” means an activity of examining the artistic competence, strength and drawback of the institution, by professionals, based on the set professional standards.
33. “Painting and art gallery” means permanent place where exhibition of art and painting is available for show and sale.
34. “Painting and art studio” means the place where the painter carries out his painting activity.
35. “Music recording studio” means a place, which is organized with instruments and professionals, where a standard music or film organized by sound and picture is recorded and produced through cassette, CD, DVD,VHS or other electronic print instruments.
36. “Fashion show and beauty contest” means promoting the cultural and modern clothes, hair styles, and other related activities or contest among professionals and beautiful involved in the sector.
37. ” Production or distribution of Audio-video” means producing, by entering into contract with the owner, music, films, music clips and other similar products on VCD, DVD and VHS, or distributing the same by getting from legal producers.
38. ” Registration of profession” means the registration of a person who is working in the field of cultural activities or tourist service delivery or one who is interested and seeking recognition to involve in the same.
3. Scope of Application
These regulations shall be applicable on the art and other culture and tourism service rendering individuals or institutions in Addis Ababa City Government.
4. Gender Reference
Unless the context requires otherwise, provisions of these regulations set out in the masculine gender shall also apply to the feminine gender.
5. Objective
Objective of these regulations shall be:
1. To provide professional support to enable
the art, other cultural fields and tourist service renders in the City render professionally standardized service, considering the objective realities;
2. To prevent cultural and artistic products that entail negative impact on the physical, psychological, and human dignity of the youth and activities of tourist service that distort positive image of cultural values of the society;
3 To provide meaningful contribution in respect of strengthening the art, other cultural and tourist service rendering institutions and professionals of the City, fighting unemployment and poverty and maintaining good governance;
4 To strengthen institutions that offer training in the fields of hotel, tourism and art as well as art related fields and enable them produce competent professionals; and
. 5. To force those persons who are involved in illegally editing, copying and distributing inventions without permission of the owner to follow the legal procedure and to take legal measures on those not willing to follow the legal procedure, in cooperation with appropriate organ

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