The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation (Regulation No. — /2009)

PART TWO Licensing and Registration of Professionals
6. Service Providers that may acquire Professional License
The service rendering institutions that acquire professional license shall be the following.
3.Guest house
6.Tourist taxi service
7.Hotel and tourism consultant
8.Tour operator
9.Travel agent
10.Tour guide
11.Tourist car rent
12. Handicraft and souvenir shop
13.Promotion service
14.Cultural and art center
15.Dick joker
16.Film production
17.Theatre production
18.Music band
19.Culture and art consultant
20.Film studio
22.Night club service
23.Art promotion
24.Tourism promotion
25. Library
26. Dance team
27. Film importer and distributor
28. Painting and art gallery
29. Painting and art studio
30. Music recording studio
31. Fashion show and beauty contest institution
32. Cinema hall
33. Theatre service
34. renter of musical instruments
35. Audio-visual printer or distributor.
7. Power to Issue Professional License
1.The Bureau or the department which is established under the Bureau shall have power to issue professional license to cultural and tourism service providers.
2.For films which will exhibit or distribute for the public with in Addis Ababa, The bureau has a mandate to rate and give exhibiting or distribution license.
3.For theaters which will exhibit for the public with in Addis Ababa, The bureau has a mandate to give exhibiting license.
4. The Bureau shall issue professional license:
a) upon the submission of accreditation evidenced by the government office relevant to the field and document endorsed by the applicant.
b. where the applicant fulfills all duties stated in these regulations and directive issued for implementation of these regulations.
5. As regards training institutions involved in hotel and tourism, videography, beauty salon and other fields of art the Bureau shall issue work license while the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Agency shall issue certificate of professional competence, upon joint evaluation of the institution
8. Registration in Professional Registry
Those to be registered in professional registry shall be:
a. Professionals involved in the art field.
b. Professionals involved in the field of hotel and tourism.
c. Art and cultural clubs.
9. Application for Registration
The applicant, in order to be registered, shall submit all credentials relevant to the profession which he applies to get professional license, being attached with the application form.
10. Decision on the Application
1. The Bureau or the sub city office shall issue certificate of registration where the application is found fit, upon payment of appropriate service fee.
2. Where the application is found not acceptable, it shall notify to the applicant the reasons for not admitting.
11. Service Charge
The service charge on application or issue of professional license shall be as per the schedule annexed to these regulation

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