The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation (Regulation No. — /2009)

Prohibited Acts, Penalties and Appeal
12. Prohibited Acts
1. It shall be prohibited to carry out their activity, without registration and license, for the institutions and professionals that are stated in these regulations and directive issued by the Bureau.
2. The bureau shall have power to give professional license, control the standards
of institutions that render tourism service, register and supervise those service rendering institutions on culture and tourism in accordance with the article 8 /9/-14/ of proclamation No. 15/2009. It
is prohibited any activity with permission stated in this regulation.
13. Penalty
1. Any service rendering institution or individual shall be duty bound to be registered and hold license fulfilling the obligations stated in these regulations and directive issued by the Bureau. Any service rendering institution or individual that is found carrying out its activity without acquiring license shall be given the first notice to be registered and to acquire license. Where the license is not secured 15 (Fifteen) days after the notice, penalty of 500.00 (five hundred) Birr shall be imposed.
2. Persons who have not renewed their professional license within the time limit shall face the following penalties:
a. one who has not renewed until six months shall be penalized
50.00 (fifty) Birr.
b. one who has not renewed from six months until one year shall be penalized 100.00 Birr (one hundred) Birr.
c. one who has not renewed from one year until two years shall be penalized 200.00 (two hundred) Birr.
d. one whose license is not renewed for a period more than two years shall be cancelled.
3. A person whose institution is sealed for not getting license after being penalized in accordance with Article 13(1) of these regulations and who is found carrying out his activity by unsealing the institution illegally shall be penalized with 5000.00 (five thousand) Birr and reasonable imprisonment.
4. Any institution or person who committed one or more of the faults that are stated under sub-articles
(1)-(3) of this Article, without following any special procedure, shall pay the fine soon with legal receipt.
5. If a person or institution is not willing or unable to discharge the fine for the committed fault according to these regulations, he shall be penalized by the Kebele social court upon institution of a case, taking the gravity of the fault into consideration.
6. Any person or agent who is aggrieved by the decision or the measures taken against them by the inspectors may lodge his grievance before the competent court within 3 (three) working days.
7. Any person who enforces or is assigned to enforce this law shall have an obligation concerning the implementation of the penalties provided under (1)-(3) of this article being an integral part of this regulation.
8. Any person or agent who deliberately violates the rights recognized or the prohibited acts by these regulations shall be punished in accordance with Article 36 of the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Proclamation No. 410/96 and other relevant laws.
9. The criminal sanction imposed in accordance with sub-article (8) of this Article shall not prevent power of the Bureau to take further administrative measures on recidivist, in addition to the penalties stated above.

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