The Addis Ababa City Government Cultural and Tourism Service Providers Licensing and Registration Regulation (Regulation No. — /2009)

14. Disciplinary Measures on Civil Servants Implementing these Regulations
1. Any employee who committed defects while performing his activities shall, in addition to the liability provided by the Civil Code, Criminal Code, and the Civil Service Law, be liable in accordance with the directive issued by the Bureau for the implementation of these regulations.
2.The punishment imposed due to disciplinary defects or other fault may be executed without waiting for or following the decision of a court.
15 Appeal Procedures
1. Any person or agent who is aggrieved by the decision on the request for professional license or registration, in accordance with Articles 7 to 10 of these regulations, may lodge grievance to the manager of the office.
2. The decision of the general manager of the office shall be final.
3. Notwithstanding the provision of sub-article (2) of this Article, a person or an agent aggrieved by the decision of the office shall have the right to bring action before competent court.

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