Repealed Laws

Repealed Ethiopian Laws 1997

Repealed text

Repealing Text
(a)    Customs and Export Duties Proclamation No.39/1943;

(b)   The Proclamation to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Customs Proclamation No. 145/1955;

(c)    Customs and Export Duties Measurement Regulations No. 48/1944;

(d)   Customs Working Hours Regulation No. 169/1952.


Proclamation No. 60/1997 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation
(a)    The Business Enterprises Registration

Proclamation No. 184/1961;

(b) The Industrial Licence Proclamation No. 292/1971;

(c) The Foreign Trade Proclamation No. 293/1971;

(d) The Industrial Licence Regulations No. 423/1972;

(e) The Foreign Trade Regulations No. 424/1972;

(t) The Regulation of Domestic Trade Proclamation No. 335/1987;

(g) The Domestic Trade Regulations No.109/1987;

(h) The Industrial License Council of Ministers Regulations No. 8/1990;

Proclamation No. 67/1997

Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation

The Institute of Agricultural Research establishment order, ordered No. 42/66 and part of Article 12(5), of the definition of powers and duties of the executive organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, proclamation No. 4/1995, which refers to the establishment of research centers Proclamation No. 79/1997 Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Proclamation
The Scrap Iron Board Charter (General Notice No. 168/1953) Proclamation No. 47/1996 Basic Metals and Engineering Industry Agency Establishment
(a) the Declaration of telephones Proclamation No. 55/1944;

(b) The Maintenance of Telephone Services Proclamation No. 114/1950;

(c) the Imperial Board of Telecommunications establishment Pro61amation No. 131/1952.

Proclamation No. 49/1996 Telecommunication Proclamation
The Proclamation to Establish the Office of the Auditor General Proclamation No. 13/1987 Proclamation No. 68/l997 Office of the Federal Auditor General Establishment Proclamation
The Ethiopian Roads Authority Re-establishment Proclamation No. 63/1993 as amended



Proclamation No. 80/1997 Ethiopian Roads Authority Re establishment Proclamation


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