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Directives and standards-Ethiopian Electric Agency

Directives and standards-Ethiopian Electric Agency


Establishment act: Electricity Proclamation No. 86/1997

Accountability: The Agency is accountable to the Ministry of Water and Energy

Powers and Duties

In addition to the Powers and Duties of the Agency provided in Article 6 of the Electricity Proclamation No. 86/1997, it has also the following powers and duties delegeted to it by another proclamation.

The issuanee, renewal and cancellationof investment perrnits  for generation or transmission or supply of electrical energy shall be carried out by the Ethiopian Electric Agency representing the Ethiopian Investment Commission

(Se Article Article 3 (11) (2) of the Investment (Amendment) Proclamation No. 375/2003)

The Agency shall carry out functions delegated to it under Article 25 Sub Article (2) of The Investment Proclamation No. 280/2002

Forward to the Commision photocopies of the investment permits it issued and the relevant documents

(See Article 3 (17) of the Investment (Amendment) Proclamation No. 375/2003)

Directives and standards-Ethiopian Electric Agency

Pricing Procedure For Inter-Connected System (ICS) And Large Isolated Systems No 1/2005

Uniform System Of Accounts No 1/2005

Pricing Procedure For Small And Very Small Self-Contained Systems (SCS) No 2/2005

Directive For Maximum Duration Of License For Non-Hydro Power Generation Plants For Commercial Purposes

Demand-Side Management Guideline For The Electricity Sector

Directive On Clearance of Overhead Electric Lines And Quality Of Supply No. Eea/1/2005

Electricity Services Quality Standards Directive – No. 2/2005 (draft)


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