National Bank of Ethiopia Directives-Regulation and Supervision of Banking Business

Contribution in Kind
Legal Reserve
Computation of Risk Weighted Asset
Limitation of Accommodation
Limitation of Investment of Bank
Naming of Officer
Approval of Appointment of an Independent of Authority
Manner of Reporting Financial Information
Minimum Paid up Capital to be Maintained by Bank
Establishment of Special Account for Effecting Payments for Coffee Purchases From the Coffee Auction Center
Amendment of Single Borrower Loan Limit

Limitation on Loans to Related Parties
Proper Operation of Current Account and Cheque
Amendment of Penalty for  Non-Compliance with the Directives of National Bank of Ethiopia
Credit Information Sharing
  Amendment for New Bank Licensing and Approval of Directors and CEO
Amendment of Branch Opening
Reserve Requirement (3rd Replacement)
Asset Classification and Provisioning(4th Replacement)
Liquidity Requirement
Reserve Requirement
Customer Due Diligence of Banks
Time Limit for Reduction and/or Relinquishing Share Holdings
Asset Classification and Provisioning for Development Finance Institutions
Limits on Board Remuneration and Number of Employees Who Sit on a Bank Board

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