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10 thoughts on “National Bank of Ethiopia Directives-Regulation and Supervision of Insurance Business

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please, would you mind help me to get the necessary materials and information on the title: The Reluctant move to open Capital/finance Leasing Business in Ethiopia. please post it as soon as possible for you.

  2. Dear sir,
    I am an experinced architectural engineer and i would like to be pre & post construction risk survey for insurance campany and banks . There fore i kindly to ask you what is the requirment for getting risk survey license . Please replay as soon as possible.
    Sisay abrha

    1. I have posted an article taken from Law of Banking, Negotiable Instruments and Insurance Teaching material. You can get every information you need to establish an insurance company in Ethiopia including the minimum capital.
      Click HERE to read the article.

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