Ethiopian Constitutions

Ethiopian Constitutions

1955 revised constitution of Ethiopia

1987 Ethiopian Constitution

Ethiopian Constitution of 1931

The Transitional Period Charter of Ethiopia_


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  1. abershi can i get materials or article which is written in article 37 0f the persent constutition or any releted concept…..


  2. thank you abraham i wanted these constitutions for school project, actually they were inaccessible but fortunately i have got it here thanks again for the upload. SHAFI


  3. It is interesting to have this. but it ‘ll be more if all the constitutions including that of PDRE and those documents used before the first written constitution./kibre negest, fiteha negest…./ Berhanu


  4. Dear Abraham

    It is nice to have the texts of these constitutions. Can you send me the text of the 1987/Dergue/ Constitution? Thank you very much


  5. Abraham I need to download the Labour Proclamtion law and Clvil Service Servant proclametion can you provide to me. It is for educational purpose

    thank you in advance


  6. Dear Abraham,

    It is a good collection. On the Constitutions page, why did you forget the Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopian of around 1987 (not sure of the date, but I mean Mengistu Hailemariam’s constitution)?


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