• Livestock and Meat Board Proclamation No.212/1964;
  • Livestock and Meat Board Order No. 34/ 1964.
Proclamation No. 117/1998

Animal, Animal Products and by-products Marketing ,Development Authority Establishment


  • The Civil Code (Amendment) Proclamation No. 65/1997
Proclamation No. 97/1998

Property Mortgaged or Pledged with

Banks Proclamation

  • The Ethiopian Authority for Standardization Establishment proclamation No. 328/1987
  • Weights and Measures Proclamation No. 208/1963
  • Standards Mark and Fees Council of Ministers Regulations No. 13/1990
  • Weights and Measures Regulations No. 431/1973
  • The Ethiopian Standards Council of Ministers Regulations No. 12/1990
Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No. 102/1998


  • The Stamp Duty Proclamation No, 334/1987


Proclamation No. 110/1998

Stamp Duty Proclamation

  • Article 51 of the Customs Authority Proclamation No. 60/1997


Proclamation No. 125/1998

Customs Authority (Amendment)


  • Transaction Tax Proclamation No. 205/1963;
  • The third schedule (export duties) attached to the Customs Tariffs Regulations No. 42/1976;
  • Coffee Surtax Regulations No. 280/1964 and all subsequent amendments
  • Tax on Coffee Exported from Ethiopia Regulations No. 47/1976.
Tax on Coffee Exported from Ethiopia Proclamation No.99/1998
  • Customs (warehouse) Regulations No. 47/44
Customs warehouse License Issuance Council of Ministers Regulations No. 24/1997


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    I’m a law teacher at one of our public universities. I want to know if I can get the full texts of regional tax laws. Thanks!

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