Ethiopian laws- Judiciary and judicial administration

Proc No. 684 Amended Federal Judicial Administration Council
Proc No. 454–2005 Federal Courts Proclamation Reamendment
Proc No. 364–2003 The Justice Sector Personnel Training Center
Proc No. 322–2003 the Federal High Court Establishment
Proc No. 321–2003 Federal Courts (Amendment)
Proc No. 254–2001 Federal Courts (Amendment
Proc No. 188–1999 Federal Courts of Sharia Consolidation
Proc No. 138–1998 Federal Courts (Amendment)
Proc No. 25–1996 Federal Courts proclamation
Proc No. 24–1996 Federal Judicial Administration Commission REPEALED


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  1. Dear Abraham , you great did made me proud of you!!!! Thanks , many many thanks. Dear , is there any information about the amendments of proc. 25/1996? I wish i could to get the draft but i can’t . Please if you have share me.


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