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10 thoughts on “Directives and Guidelines of Ethiopian Civil Service Agency

  1. Thank you for your effort.However, they are not updated. I was looking for Ethiopian civil service directive 3/2012 on per diem?

  2. በጣም ደስ የሚል መረጃ ነው ምስጋናዬ ከልብ ነው ነገር ግን ተፈፃሚነቱ እስከ ምን ድረስ ነው። በእውነት ብዙ ማውራት የምፈልገው ነገር አለ ቦታውን ጠቁሙኝ።

  3. አዳዲሶቹ አዋጆች መመሪያዎች ቢካተቱልን( 1064/2010)
    ምስጋናው ዋሴ ደብረታቦር ዩኒቨርሲቲ

  4. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to inform you Sivil Service promotion in our Zone(Arsi Asella)
    I am graduated From Ambo University By Natural Resource Management 2012 now i am Aseko Woreda about 25 km from Woreda.Every time if i heard Vaccancy I apply it and I haven’t succeed why because every year the requared No does not exceed 3 pleace by these condition the thing is hard on this I am from Remout and poor family so what can I do. If it is on Woreda level it is ok.

  5. first of all, thank you for the information you have furnishing to us, are very valuable, for now i have some question on the pdf file i have downloaded from your site “Circular on Proclamation No 515-1999 EC -Explanation of Federal Civil Service Agency”. on page 5, in the last paragraph refers about article 45/1/ of 515/1999 and also in the next page refers some regulation ‘….. 1/5…’ which talk about project transfer, i am a little confused and if this is clear, please can you provide me with that regulation, i am in need of it.
    Thank You in advance

  6. some body responsible..pls come and see how we are being treated in BONGA HOSPITAL(kefa zone)

  7. please , please,come visite(invite) how sivil servants in wollega unversity are treated. UUUUUUUUU….we have many complicated things.

  8. Dear sir/madam
    I would like to inform about sivil service promotion ways in our woreda.
    I am employee in oromiya region,Arsi zone D/tijo woreda,i do have seven year service and doctor of veterinary medicine but in the name of merit i lost the place and salary i deserved.
    The woreda cabonet simply offer sivil coded placeses for the person they like with out any comptition with no legal post,i am sefering from injustice i also asked the biros from woreda upto region but yet get justice.what can i do,where can i go
    They emasculate my constitiutional right.
    Would you help me
    Thank you

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