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Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Directives

                             Directive No. 01/2008

WHEREAS, Commercial Radio Broadcasting Service is an alternative broadcasting service in providing education, entertainment, information to the public and it is found essential to develop and expand this service; and
WHEREAS, it is essential to ensure fair utilization of the limited radio wave wealth of the country by allocating Commercial Broadcasting Service equitably and ensuring fair competition; and
WHEREAS, it is essential to establish a system of controlling and monitoring the service in a transparent and accountable manner,
NOW, THEREFORE, this Directive is issued pursuant to Article 47 of Proclamation No. 533/2007.


Community Radio Broadcasting Service Directive No. 02/2008

Community Radio Broadcasting Service Directive

Whereas, a community Radio Broadcasting Service plays a significant role in fulfilling education, information and entertainment needs of a community which the commercial and government broadcasting service do not cover;

Whereas, it is necessary to expand and develop the service in order to fulfill the needs for information, education and entertainment of each nation, nationality, and people for our country being the home to various nations, nationalities and peoples;

Whereas, it necessitates the appropriate usage of the limited radio frequency resource that belongs to the people in common;

Now, therefore; in accordance with Article 47 of the Broadcasting proclamation No. 533/2007, it is hereby issued as follows:

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Broadcasting Service Grievance Handling Directive No 03/2008

Whereas, it is very important of the community participation in developing the broadcasting service to play in political, social, economic role, one of the participation indicators are providing the grievance on the broadcasters;

Whereas, it is essential to set the grievance handling procedure in order to provide the broadcasting service listener or viewers grievance and information about broadcasters and get the necessary decision;

Now, therefore; this directive in accordance with Article 47 of the broadcasting service proclamation No 533/2007 it is hereby issued.

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Subscription Broadcasting Service Directive No. 04/2009

Whereas, providing service of foreign broadcast programs with payment to the society is an option of fulfilling the need of information, entertainment and education to the society;

Whereas, it is essential to follow up and control this broadcasting service option in the manner of transparency and accountability;

Whereas, it is necessary to issue the license to the applicants, who need to provide service of foreign broadcasting service to customer, by ascertaining, checking their competency;

Now, therefore, in accordance with article 47 of the Broadcasting Service Proclamation No 533/2007 it is hereby issued.

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2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority Directives

  1. like to policy government jestice you iknaw benefit chice


    Posted by musxafe teshme | March 15, 2017, 4:14 pm
  2. Please rebuild the links on the above Directives. I have changed the web site to a new design


    Posted by Abyot | May 1, 2014, 7:09 pm

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