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Court Concludes Testimonies against Awash Bank Accused


Court Concludes Testimonies against Awash Bank Accused.

Witnesses have finished their testimonies against Mitiku Abush, former vice president of international banking of Awash International Bank (AIB), as well as eight other defendants at the Arada Giorgis Federal First Instance Court, Sixth Criminal Bench.

The five witnesses for the prosecution, inspectors of AIB who investigated the alleged crimes, testified on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.

The defendants are charged with alleged misdemeanours in handling letters of credit (LCs) of the bank, and all have pleaded not guilty.

Endale Tuni, loan division administrator; Getahun Alamer, branch manager; Cherenet Wagari, a former employee of AIB; Wongelawit Berhanesellase, head cashier; Tadesse Ashagre, branch manager; as well as Elsabet Abate, Derege Abebe, and Fikerte Shimeles, former employees; are facing charges of participating in the offence.



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