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Ethiopian laws subject index

Procurement Law

Proc 430/ 2005 Determining the Procedure of public procurement (Repealed) 649/2009 procurement and property administration Proclamation
Federal Public Procurement Directive (English)
Federal Public Procurement Directive Amharic


Proc no.22/96 Mining Amendment Proclamation
Proc No 23/96 Mining Income Tax (Amendment)
Reg 27/98 Mining Operations Amendment
Proc 118/98 Mining (Amendment) Proclamation
Reg 124/2006 Mining Operations (Amendment) Regulation
Proc 651 2009 Transaction of Precious Metals Proclamation


Proc No. 650 Higher Education proclamation
Proc No. 217–2000 Strengthening of the Management and Administration
Proc No. 351–2003 Higher Education proclamation REPEALED
Proc No. 391–2004 Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Reg No. 91–2003 Higher Education Cost‐Sharing


Proc No. 684 Amended Federal Judicial Administration Council
Proc No. 454–2005 Federal Courts Proclamation Reamendment
Proc No. 364–2003 The Justice Sector Personnel Training Center
Proc No. 322–2003 the Federal High Court Establishment
 Proc No. 321–2003 Federal Courts (Amendment)
Proc No. 254–2001 Federal Courts (Amendment
Proc No. 188–1999 Federal Courts of Sharia Consolidation
Proc No. 138–1998 Federal Courts (Amendment)
Proc No. 25–1996 Federal Courts proclamation
Proc No. 24–1996 Federal Judicial Administration Commission REPEALED


Proc No. 532/2007 The Amended Electoral Law of Ethiopia
Proc No. 573/2008 The Revised Political Parties Registration
 Proc No. 662/2009 Proclamation on the Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties
Proc No. 438/2005 Proclamation to make Electoral Law of Ethiopia Conform with the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Amendment)


Proc No. 590/2008 Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information
Proc No.533/2007 Broadcasting Service Proclamation
Procl No. 178/1999 Broadcasting Proclamation
Procl No, 73/1997 Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency Establishment (Amendment) Proclamation
Reg No. 66/2000 Film Shooting Permit Council of Ministers


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