Proc No. 27-1996 Defence Forces

Proc No. 27-1996 Defence Forces

See Article 13

13. Compensationfor Service andRetiremet
1) A memberoftheDefenceForces shall,in.accordance with directives to be. issued by the. Ministry, be entitled to compensation where discharged upon completionof the stipulatedseven years’ service;
2) Where the service of a memberoftheDefence Forces. is terminated,not voluntarily but for various other
reasons,before completion of the stipulatedterm of sevenyears,he shallbe entitledto fair compensation in accordance with directives to be issued by the Ministry;
3) The age limitsfor temunation of service, specified ‘undur sub–Articles(1), ,(2) and (3) of Article 9 hereinabove, shall also be deemed to be retirement age-limitsfor purposes’of the applicationof Pension Laws.’

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