Proc No. 424-2004 Public Servants’ Pension (Amendment)

Proc No. 424-2004 Public Servants' Pension (Amendment)

Amends Public Servants’ Pension Proclamation No. 345/2003
Here is the text of the amendement

(I) A new Sub Article (3) is added to Article 13 and Sub-Articles (3) and (4) are renumbered as Sub-Articles (4) and (5) respectively
1/ A public servant who has completed at least 20 years of service and who has attained at ‘least’4S , years” of age may receive retiremen( pension for life where the ‘government office he has been working for’ has ceased to exist or he’ is reduced from the work force in ‘connection with privatization or his contraCtof employment is tenninated as a result of inefficiency by the decision oftheG::ouncilof Ministers.

2/ Sub-Artic,le.(2) of Article deleted and replaced by the followingAeW Sub-Article (2):
(2) If a beneficiarywho has been receiving
inavilidity pension re-enters the public service , and receives salary, the pension shall be discontinued.

3/ Sub-Article (2) of Article 30 is deleted and replaced by the following Sub-Article (2):

“(2) If a beneficiary who is receiving incapacity pension .reenters the public service and receives salary, the pension shall be discontinued.”

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