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  1. I need ur help ,to know about pension /retirment payment ,i am working for 5yr and still on food security programe (HABP) with out PF & retirment,can i ask payment of PF With out contractul agrement.

  2. I am Mulu Miesho
    Dear Abrham, I just want to know that whether pension is paid/deducted from overtime work or not.

  3. you guys did a great help to want get the proclamations for different purpose. So, be stronge

  4. Your blog is extremely important; however, the soft copies are damaged and can’t be downloaded.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It would be a great help if you could tell which of the file are damaged or may be corrupt.
      I will immediately re-upload the files. As regards downloading, I have already responded to this issue in my previous
      comment. All google document files are downloadable and I advise you to see my comment as regards downloading
      google docs. Click HERE to see.

      1. Hi Abrish. Long time no see. i am glad and proud to see your move like this. your good old friend WASIHUN the lawschool. you may reach me using my account at

  5. pension scheme is good for private employes but before lunching this law government must think MINIMUM WAGES[SALARY]which worker must get.there is no minimum wages act for labour working in any organisation yet due to lack of this law wokers are not getting sufficient money for their lively hood.
    for example any one is getting 400 birr or 500 birr per month how he will manage his family and children education etc

    engineer suraj bhan [working in ethiopia]

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