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Court serves imprisonment orders on homosexual acts | News

Court serves imprisonment orders on homosexual acts |

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The Seventh Criminal Bench of the Federal First Instance Court at Lideta gave three years and seven months of rigorous imprisonment each to three persons who were found guilty of attempting to commit a homosexual act on a minor. The court passed the sentence yesterday on the three defendants Efreme Birku, 21, Birhanu Aytenfisu, 35, and Getahun Demeke, 31, who were charged by the Federal prosecutors ten days ago on a count of attempting to commit a homosexual act on a 13-year-old minor.

According to the charge, the three defendants took the victim to a room where they work as security after showing him a pornographic movie by the phone of the third defendant, Getahun Demeke. The victim was asking what they were doing after they made him loose his pants and realized what they were doing after he heard one of the defendants saying he was next, the charge read. They threw the victim out because he screamed the charge also read.

The court passed the guilty verdict on Thursday after only hearing prosecutors witnesses because the defendants failed to present defense witnesses though they pleaded not guilty, the verdict read.

The first witness of the prosecutors, who is the victim himself, testified to the court by explaining what the defendants tried to do to him and he also testified that he told his mother, who was out when she heard him scream, what happened, the verdict read.

The second witness of prosecutors, who is the mother of the victim, testified to the court that he she found her son without his pants right after she heard him scream and that told her what the defendants did to him, according to the verdict. The testimony of the third prosecutor’s witness was the same as the testimony of the victim’s mother, the verdict read.

Because the testimony of all the witnesses was consistent and the defendants failed to defend the charge brought against them, the court found all the defendants guilty as charged, the verdict read.

The federal Prosecutors presented their aggravating circumstance requesting the court to give a heavier penalty because they committed the offence in complicity with one another, according to the verdict. The defendants also presented extenuating circumstances which state that two of them have children and all of them are the sole providers of their families, the verdict read.

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