Consolidated Ethiopian Civil Service Directives

I realized that most of you had a problem downloading of accessing the directives and manuals issued by the Civil Service Commission regarding employment conditions of federal civil servants. Now you can access all the materials compiled in one pdf document.

Click HERE to view Consolidated Ethiopian Civil Service Directives

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  1. A friend of mine has applied for a post at Alage ATVET Collgege. The overall point he achieved from the written examination and interview was 55.8% and his rank was second. They rejected to recruit him b/c his point was less than 60% though the vacant position was two. However, one of my colleagues told me that the minimum point that should be achieved was 50%. Can you help me over here? Thanks in advance.

  2. i’m civil servant but no salary for 2 years so we need support from barack obama. our gov dosnot feel thire country

  3. ere yefitih yale biye biroyen ebete wisit adirige fetarin eyelemenku new. eski yefitih yale?

  4. Ethiopia cevil servise workers live in rational atmospheric layer of rental seekers. They haven’t feel of country. Due to data of spoon feed from theis hiden atmospher they not happy on there duity. They haven’t confidant on there duity. Instade of having freedom they live in like Meles Zenawi, Abebech, Addisu Legese, Abadula, Kuma Damaksa, Girma Woldegiyorgis, Alemayew, Getachew, Demeke, …,e.t.c abstract impire. Now those lead country if not correct theis problum i am going to change them. To has country and in aproprat shape generation of ethiopia internationaly. The last desetion.

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