This Regulation is issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to Article 5 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 6’9112010 and Article 9(4) of the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No. 66 112009.

1.Short Title

This Regulation may be cited as the “Salt Iodization Council of Ministers Regulation No. 20412011”.

2. Definitions

In this Regulation, unless the context otherwise requires:

1/ “iodized salt” means salt intended for human consumption into which iodine is mixed in accordance with the specification prescribed by the appropriate authority;

2/ “non-iodized salt” means salt used in the treatment or manufacture of non-food products;

3/ “Proclamation” means the Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No. 661 12009;

4/ “packing material” and “label” shall have the meanings assigned to them under sub-article (2 1) and (22) of Article 2 of the Proclamation;

5/ “inspector” means an inspector appointed pursuant to sub-article. (1) of Article 5 of the Proclamation ;

6/ “Authority” means the Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority;

7/ “appropriate authority” means the government organ empowered to develop Ethiopian standards;

8/ ” person” means natural or juridical person;

9/ any expression in the masculine gender includes the feminine.

3. Scope of Application

This Regulation shall be applicable on all salts used for human consumption.

4. Requirement for Salt Iodization

No person shall process, import, store, transport, distribute or sale non iodized salt for human consumption.

5. Standard of iodized Salt

1/ Any iodized salt for human consumption shall conform with the standards for iodized salt set by the appropriate authority.

2/ Any imported salt for human consumption shall be accompanied by a certificate of safety.

6. Packing and Labeling of Iodized salt
1/  Any packing material of iodized salt shall be of such quality to preserve the iodine in the salt .

2/ Any iodized salt shall be labeled with the following information on the package:

a)the fact that the salt in the package is iodized;

b)the name and .complete address of the processor;

c)the net weight of the iodized salt;

d)the month and year in which the iodized salt is processed and expired;

e)the batch and lot number of the package; and

f)a description that the salt shall be kept in a cool, clean and dry place.

7. Inspection

1/. Any inspector may inspect any processing, storage, transporting or sales premises to ascertain that salt intended for human consumption is iodized.

2/ The inspector while performing his duties shall have the powers provided under sub article (2) of Article 5 of the Proclamation.

8. Non Iodized Salt

The Authority may, in consultation with the appropriate bodies, issue directives on the processing, importation, storage, distribution, sale and usages of non iodized salt intended for industrial purpose, and monitor the  implementation of same.

9.Obligation to Cooperate

Any person shall have the obligation to cooperate with the relevant bodies for the implementation of this Regulation.

10.Power to Issue Directive

The Authority may issue directives necessary for the proper implementation of this Regulation.

11. Penalty

Any person who violates the provisions of this Regulation or directives issued for the implementation of this Regulation shall be punished in accordance with the

relevant provisions of the Proclamation .

12. Inapplicable laws

No Regulation, directive or practice shall, in so far as it is inconsistent with .this Regulation, be applicable with respect of matters provided for in this Regulation.

13. Effective Date

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication in the Federal Negarit Gazeta .

Done at Addis I Ababa this 251h day of March 2011 .




By Abrham Yohannes

Abrham Yohannes Hailu Licensed Lawyer & Consultant

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