2009/10 (2002 E.C.) Council of Ministers Regulations

Regulation no. 160-2009 National Lottery Administration Re-establishment

Regulation no. 161-2009 Coffee Quality Control and Transaction

Regulation no. 162-2009 Irrigation Development Investment Incentives

Regulation no. 163-2009 Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization

Regulation no. 164-2009 Council of Ministers Income Tax (Amendment)

Regulation no, 165-2009 Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 166-2009 Work Permit Fees (As Amended)

Regulation no. 167-2009 Federal Hospitals Administration        Corrigendum no. 8-2009

Regulation no. 168-2009 Registration and Administration of Charities and Societies

Regulation no 169-2009 Acess to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge Communitynity Rights

Regulation no. 170-2009 Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Re·Establishment

Regulation no. 171-2009 Financial Intelligence Establishment

Regulation no. 172-2009 Re-Organization of the Management of the National Bank of Ethiopia

Regulation no. 173-2009 Classification of Tourist Facilities

Regulation no. 174-2009 Catering and Tourim Training Center Establishment

Regulation no. 175-2009 Genet Hotel Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 176-2010 Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Technology Institute Establishment (Amendment)

Regulation no. 177-2010 lnfomtttion Technology Park Corporation Establishment

Regulation No. 178-2010 Sesame and White Beans Transaction

Regulation no. 179-2010 Army Foundation Establishment

Regulation no. 180-2010 Textile Industry Development Institute

Regulation no. 181-2010 Leather Industry Development Institute

Regulation no. 182-2010 Metal Industry Development Institute Establishment

Regulation no. 183-2010 Metal and Engineering Corporation Establishment

Regulation no. 184-2010 Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service Establishment

Regulation no. 185-2010 Defence Construction Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 186-2010 Defence Construction Materials Manufacturing Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 187-2010 Construction Design Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 188-2010 Repealing of the Regulation for the Implementation of African Peer

Regulation no. 189-2010 Ethiopian Food Medicine and Health Care Adminstration and Control Authority Establishment

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  1. Hi Abrham, can you please send me the latest cost sharing proclamation which is now operational in Ethiopian Higher learning institutions.

  2. There is not daonlod Regulation no. 163-2009 Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization on your Web sit . please if u have Aches to me.
    Thank You!

  3. i need health workers perdime or duty proclamation.is it taxable or non taxable?

  4. Hi Abrham ! I Wish Happy Christmas to You and to All Your Family !
    Abrish I Found to The custom Duty Proclamation and The Ethiopian National Tiater Establishment Proclamation.
    Thank You !

  5. I Want to The Ethiopian National Tiatre Establishment Regulation 2010/2011
    thank you !

  6. I found it very interesting, really it is the best way to create awareness concerning the legal aspect, Thus I appreciate personally this web site almost most information is available. However, I need also those proclamation, and regulation concerning disease control and prevention in livestock if you don’t mind
    Thank you in anticipation
    Fekede Regassa(DVM)

  7. Dear Aberesh,
    How are you? I have email today from copyscape.com as abyssinialaw is registered there. Some of the laws you are provided here is my scan and you avoided the link and provide yours – this is what I got from copysentry. This website will tell you where your contents go even if they are changed. I admire what you are doing but please don’t avoid the link abyssinialaw.com from the above of every pdf and include yours. If you want to use it use it but dont delete the link and the signature.
    Thank you and keep up your good work

    • Thanks liku for the comment! Sorry if this has caused you inconvenience or disappointment! Here is the explanation! I saw all the regulations and proclamations on your site contain a heading “abyssinialaw.com” Even without the assistance of copysentry, it is not hard to tell that they were previously scanned by some other person. They were first made available on a CD. Then the parliament and The Federal Supreme Court uploaded these files on their respective web site for free downloading by the public. When I saw the heading, I assumed that you have added some input to the file, hence entitled to make modifications to the file. That is what I believe regarding any document freely available to the public without any additional notice of limitation of use. On this understanding I downloaded some of the files and uploaded them after making some changes (convert to image, image to pdf, ocr text recognition, pdf optimization etc..)
      The whole purpose of my blog is sharing! easy and free access to legal texts.
      Any ways, if that is the rule of your site I will abide by it.

      • Hi dear Abresh,
        Thank you for your quick respond. You are right some of the laws are scanned by some other person. All the rest laws are scanned by abyssinialaw groups specially the recent regulations and proclamations. It would have been very easy for your if you had just include them without going the whole conversion process. I am sure you know the pain as you were also doing such things on how much effort we have spent on those things. Anyways keep your good and valuable work. By the way you can have a blog on “Ethiopian Administrative Law” ( I know you are very good at it) at abyssinialaw blog if you are interested. You can even link your blog post to abyssinialaw blog so that you can have additional visitors than you already have.
        Have a very good day

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