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2009/10 (2002 E.C.) Council of Ministers Regulations

Regulation no. 160-2009 National Lottery Administration Re-establishment

Regulation no. 161-2009 Coffee Quality Control and Transaction

Regulation no. 162-2009 Irrigation Development Investment Incentives

Regulation no. 163-2009 Wildlife Development, Conservation and Utilization

Regulation no. 164-2009 Council of Ministers Income Tax (Amendment)

Regulation no, 165-2009 Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 166-2009 Work Permit Fees (As Amended)

Regulation no. 167-2009 Federal Hospitals Administration        Corrigendum no. 8-2009

Regulation no. 168-2009 Registration and Administration of Charities and Societies

Regulation no 169-2009 Acess to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge Communitynity Rights

Regulation no. 170-2009 Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation Re·Establishment

Regulation no. 171-2009 Financial Intelligence Establishment

Regulation no. 172-2009 Re-Organization of the Management of the National Bank of Ethiopia

Regulation no. 173-2009 Classification of Tourist Facilities

Regulation no. 174-2009 Catering and Tourim Training Center Establishment

Regulation no. 175-2009 Genet Hotel Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 176-2010 Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Technology Institute Establishment (Amendment)

Regulation no. 177-2010 lnfomtttion Technology Park Corporation Establishment

Regulation No. 178-2010 Sesame and White Beans Transaction

Regulation no. 179-2010 Army Foundation Establishment

Regulation no. 180-2010 Textile Industry Development Institute

Regulation no. 181-2010 Leather Industry Development Institute

Regulation no. 182-2010 Metal Industry Development Institute Establishment

Regulation no. 183-2010 Metal and Engineering Corporation Establishment

Regulation no. 184-2010 Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service Establishment

Regulation no. 185-2010 Defence Construction Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 186-2010 Defence Construction Materials Manufacturing Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 187-2010 Construction Design Enterprise Establishment

Regulation no. 188-2010 Repealing of the Regulation for the Implementation of African Peer

Regulation no. 189-2010 Ethiopian Food Medicine and Health Care Adminstration and Control Authority Establishment

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