2011/12 (2004 E.C.) Regulations

Regulation No. 256 Kaizen Institute Establishment

Regulation No. 257-2011 Science and Technology Information Center

Regulation No. 258 Ethiopian National Cultural Center Establishment

Regulation No. 259 Ethiopian Railway Corporation Establishment (Amendment)

Regulation No. 260 National Educational Assessment and Examination Agency

Regulation No. 261 Higher Education Relevance and Quality

Regulation No. 262-2012 Driver’s Qualification Certification License Fee

Regulation No. 263-2012-Redefinition of the Accountability

Regulation No. 264-2012 Ethiopian Petroleum and Natural Gas

Regulation No. 265-2012-Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise

Regulation No. 266-2012 Ethiopian Railway Corporation

Regulation No. 267-2012-Ethiopian Mine Action Office Dissolution

Regulation No. 255 Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise


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