Constitution and Human rights

Revised Constitutions of Regional States

Click on images to download constitutions. Click Here to get detailed information on each regional state.

Flag Amhara

Revised Constitution of Amhara National Regional State


Revised Constitution of Afar National Regional State

Flag Benishangul Gumuz

Revised Constitution of Benishangul Gumuz National Regional State


Gambella regional state Flag

Revised Constitution of Gambella national regional state













Revised Constitution of Southern nations, nationalities and people's state

Amharic Version

English     Version






Revised Constitution of Somali Regional State


Revised Constitution of Oromia National Regional State


Revised Constitution of Harari National Regional State

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  1. Dear, you are one of from those who are aperson who had agreat place in my heart!! long live

  2. Your effort and dedication to share materials on law selflessly share should be venerated. It is apposite to accolade your fine works, Sir. I wish we had more like you. I salute you. I feel you would keep up the good work. Thank you.

  3. the snnpr constitution, the English version misses some pages, around page 20 and ff.please would you scan it properly?

  4. hi abrham,please send me tigray national regional state tax law ,till now i couldn’t found it in all websites

  5. I need Ethiopian regional states who have proclamations on ‘Environmental protection, land administration and Use’

  6. Thank you very much for your effort. I have got all regional states constitiution but where is the Tigray regional states constitiution?

  7. where is english version of oromia regional state and others state constitution except constitution of SNNP?

  8. Hi Abrish,

    The link on top for ‘detailed information on regional states’ goes to the Ethiopian embassy in Sweden but I couldn’t find more information. Should I look deeper?

    • Once you arrive at the embassy web page, just click any one of the links to the regional states. You will find it on the third navigation (below ‘REGIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE STATES’)

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