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New Federal Supreme Court Cassation Decisions (Volume 11 & 12)

Cassation Decisions volume 11


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Cassation Decisons Volume 12

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It took almost a year for the Supreme Court to officially release its Cassation decisions  which are suppose to be binding on all lower courts in Ethiopia on similar cases requiring interpretation of the law. All these decisions, compiled in two volumes (volume 11 and 12) include decisions rendered in the previous year i.e. 2003 Ethiopian calender. Delay of Publication has been and is still continuing to be one of the major setbacks for the proper application of the rule of precedent in Ethiopia. It also raises some serious legal issues as the binding effect of a cassation decision not officially published is not clear.The Federal Courts Proclamation Re-amendment Proclamation No.454/2005, which makes Interpretation of a law by the Federal Supreme Court rendered by the cassation division with not less than five judges binding on federal as well as regional courts, simply imposes on the Federal Supreme Court a duty to publish decisions of the cassation division that contain binding interpretation of laws to all levels of courts and other relevant bodies, without indicating whether decisions are still binding before the time of publication.

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  1. how can I receive decision given on March 30,2008 E.C for the case reference number 101245 between Biru Diriba & Birihanu Shibiru

  2. Please send me the previous publication. It is extreemely important for lawyers, specially.

  3. the failerty of justice significance of the excutive organ & the lack of commitment and dependency around the judiciery

    • Thank u to see, supreme court, in global computer village.
      Fekadu bekele
      Legal Advisory and attorney

  4. Thanks 4 pointing out such problem.Iwork at worda court,but still we do not have such mandatory dessions,this is how grave z problem is!

  5. I’ve no words, just to say thank you and express my appreciation for such wonderful commitment and contribution for this poor people. please have strength and select the easy method to search and to get what he want. by by

  6. I am glad to see federal supreme courts intermingled with global internet technology.fekadu bekele

  7. I’m very happy to find volume 11 and 12 but if you can either upload volume 8-10 or send it to if its not too much trouble it would be great. Thanks.

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