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  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    It is great to access all Federal Supreme Court Cassation Decisions books starting from vol. 1 up to date, please make it easily accessible for those in need of them.

  2. The cassation decision of federal supreme court is one of the madatory which oblige the lower courts how to use our laws in judgement writing, how to give justifiable judgement and how to interpret the laws. so, accessibly of these books of cassation decision of federal supreme court is the most important and necessarily for the uniformity of interpretation of ETHIOPIAN laws and legal system, I would like to say you thank you very very much and for the next time I try to say please help us by loading necessary legal documents.

  3. We can,just, do so more with Ethiopian Legal Brief blog as of acquiring deep knowledge as possible,necessary,satisfactory.

  4. of course it may be seen as amatter of uniformity but some times the division may be necessary to show the fairness

  5. Really z cassation divission is very good for uniformity of laws + to minimize formal &informal(oiling) costs…

    • As to me it is not the division rather the ‘decision’ which is good for uniformity.
      Whether casation decisions have created uniformity in interpretation of laws, still remains
      to be subject to some doubt. (I mean as to me)

      • uniform interpretation of laws helps to have procedural and substantive justice. Some says it is similar to the common law countries, but it is different to that. In country that have frequent making of laws it is difficult to know all laws so that it helps to get common understanding of laws. and minimizes the complextiy of legal prociding.

  6. Abrish I need the rest of cassation copys to be download
    Thanks for your effert to give and share your ideas

  7. It is interesting! But, if possible, it is better to post the cassation interpretations before the court publishes. Because, i think, there is no restriction to apply those rulings before publication. Anyways, it is great!

    • Yes that would be interesting! But I don’t think it would be possible

      thanks for the comment.

  8. Ethiopianlegal Breif is so great for the development of knowledge ethiopian law and legal system

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