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New 2011-12 (2004 E.C.) Proclmations

Proclamation No.720-2011 Ethiopian Federal Police Commission establishment

Proclamation No. 721-2011 Urban Land Lease Proclamation

Proclamation No. 722-2011 Instruments Amending the Constitution and Convention of the
International Telecommunication Union Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No 723-2011 Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of
the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (Amendment) Proclamation

Proclamation No. 724-2011 Export Import Bank of China Concessional Loan Agreement to Provide Loan for Financing the Bole Ring Road Round About- Meskel Square Road Project Ratification Proclamation Agreement

Proclamation No. 725-2011  International Development Association Additional Financing Agreement for Irrigation and Drainage Project Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No.726-2011 International Development Association Additional Financing Agreement for the Urban Local Government Development Project Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 727-2011 Statute of the International Renewable Energy Agency Ratification Proclamation

Proclamation No. 728-2011 Veterinary Drug and Feed Administration and Control Proclamation

Proclamation No. 729-2012 Sports Facilities Administration Proclamation

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