Proclamation No.769/2012 Investment Proclamation



10. Forms of investment

1/ Investments may be carried out in one of the following forms:

a)sole proprietorship;

b)business organization incorporated in Ethiopia or abroad;

c)public enterprise established in accordance with the relevant law;

d)cooperative society formed in accordance with the relevant law,

2/Any investment made in the forms prescribed under sub-article ( 1 ) of this Article shall be registered in accordance with the Commercial Code or other applicable law.

11. Minimum Capital Requirements for Foreign Investors

1/ Any foreign investor, to be allowed to invest pursuant to this Proclamation, shall be required to allocate a minimum capital of USD 200,000 for a single investment project.

2/ Notwithstanding the provision of sub-article (1) of this Article, the minimum capital required of a foreign investor investing jointly with a domestic investor shall be USD 150,000.

3/The minimum capital required of a foreign investor investing in· architectural or engineering works or related technical consultancy services, technical testing and analysis or in publishing work shall be:

a)USD 100,000 if the investment is made wholly on his own;

b)USD 50,000 if the investment is made jointly with a domestic investor.

4/A foreign investor re-investing his profits or dividends generated from his existing enterprise may not be required to allocate a minimum capital.

5/Any foreign investor having brought investment capital into the country shall have registered same by the Agency and obtain a certificate of registration. The Agency shall send a copy of the certificate to the National Bank of Ethiopia.

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10 thoughts on “Proclamation No.769/2012 Investment Proclamation

  1. Hi sir, I am a consultant,& I asked to prepare feasibility study of investment projects. Hence,I need the current Ethiopian proclamations of investment and the current need of Ethiopia for economic development please can you send me your opinion with best regards

  2. Dear, first I very grateful for all your devotion to make laws ….. accessible.
    would mind please to send me federal and Oromia RNS proclamation, regulation, directives, if any, concerning Investment other than this proc. 769/2012.
    And please any literature, thesis, journal articles on Expropriation of Investment in general and Foreign investment in particular.

    with best regards,

  3. 1st of all i would like thanks for ur help . it is known that an invester is exmted from stamp duty charge when he get bank loan but am a little bit confiused i do have one coustomer how have investment license and retaile business the loan loan is used for both. my qustion is the customer can pay stampduty charge or not. if it is possible pls send me you reply on my email

  4. please send to me the newly issued or Draft -proclamation For Financial Statments Prepration- which was proclamed in June 2014. Thank you!

  5. Sir Abrham . I would like to wonder you for all your efforts, that you make known the current laws of Ethiopia to every one . Through this opportunity i will ask your contribution regarding the requirements of registration and license as you give me some explanation .

    1. I was asked to deliver some speech on newly enacted proclamation of investment and the current need of ethiopia for economic development please can you send me your opinion with best regards

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