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  1. Actually I didn’t contact you…but you are helping others….I appreciate you keep it up !

  2. Why it’s impossible to read online(through for instance,mobile)for those who are not accessible to download the file due to absence of computer internet service?

  3. Abrish� I would like to thank you very much. Your contribution have a lot of significant for us.It is Difficult to express in words your valuable contribution. Thank you again


  4. Great man with Great courage and commitment. Thank you for all your efforts to access us all federal materials and other materials.

  5. I need to thank u so much.I had loaded down a lot now volume 13 of the cessation could not be loaded down.So could u do something.

  6. i am high court judge some where in Oromiya. I thank u hertly for your endless information about our law. you are a very sourse of new information. God bless u.
    Wendmu Kebede.

  7. Dear, Ato Abrham , I faced same problem of ato Derje Mitiku. I can’t able to down load volume 13, if you have any option please facilitate to access the material. .

  8. Dear, Yohannes, When I down load, it says, the file is damaged, it can not be repaired. so would you try again.

    Thanks a lot!

    keep in touch, �

    • This mostly happens if you use an outdated version of adobe acrobat, or if you adobe installation has a problem. It may also be due to the type of software you use to view pdf files. In some cases, such problem may encounter if the file is actually damaged or password protected. Volume 13 is actually a password protected file to avoid unnecessary editing. (I personally added the password, and I firmly believe that such an official file when released by the supereme court, it should have been an encrypted and certified file so that no one will be able to edit it. If the soft copy is to be used by lawyers and court for reference, it has to be an authenticated document)
      Click on the link below to get more explanation about the ” file is damaged, it can not be repaired” problem.

  9. Dear Ato Abrham Yohannes Those officially released materials which is used to file the gap and updating the knowledge in the filed through legal brief web site is very valuable for our all individuals and paraprofessionals at large in law and other related fields. Moreover, you are delivered other professionals publications materials too freely. Therefore, I would like to say many thanks you for all timely, constructive and gap filling work and please continue strongly. God blessing you and your family


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