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Norway immigration officials lose Ethiopia case

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Norway immigration officials lose Ethiopia case

The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) was defeated in Oslo District Court following judges’

decision against sending seven-year-old Nathan Eshete and parents Asfaw and Zinash back to Ethiopia.

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  1. Thanks Abrsh, I always read ur news. But, I would me more delighted if u can send me ur scholarly comments as I am trying to write on ” impact of state owned enterprises under Ministry of National Defense on free trade.” the enterprises are: Metal and engineering corporation, Defense construction and design enterprise, Brana printing enterprise are to mention a few. If u have some materials on the issue, please lend me a hand. I hope you will be considerate…. thank you in advance any way.

  2. Hi Abrish How are You? I really appreciate your contribution to our legal system. Can I get some materials on challenges of prosecuting perjury in Ethiopian criminal justice system?



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