Consolidated Ethiopian Laws (1942-1961 E.C.) Volume II

Consoludated Laws v.2

Consoludated Laws v.2

Sometimes ago I posted the first volume of the consolidated laws. Here is the last and second volume.

Consoludated Laws  v.2_Part1

Consoludated Laws v.2_Part2

Consoludated Laws v.2 Part3

Consoludated Laws v.2_Part4

Consoludated Laws v.2_Part5

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  1. Mr. Abrham, You always contributes valuable information to the user. Thank you very much.

  2. hi Abraham am happy with all Ur posts. so would you mind to post me about laws and proclamations about the human right regarding prisoners in Ethiopia and global level. Thank you

  3. ��� Let my sincere thanks goes to you! I appreciate your effort to make me an informed citizen,

    keep it up! Dere

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