Revised Federal Supreme Court Sentencing Guideline No.2-2013

Revised Federal Supereme Court Sentencing Guideline No.2-2013Revised Federal Supreme Court Sentencing Guideline No.2-2013

የተሻሻለዉ የወንጀል ቅጣት አወሳሰን መመሪያ ቁጥር 2/2006

The Federal Supreme Court has released the amended Guideline.

Click the link below to download.



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  1. በዉኑ አብርሀም የማቱሳላን እድሜ ያድልህ።Am now taking z course “sentencing&execution” am proud of u & model u 2 serve social justice.please post z 2013 exit exam questions.In a nut-shell,may Almighty God bless u…

  2. i would like to appreciate and thank you for the information and attached the revised federal supreme court sentences guideline
    i am very happy
    keep up with us always

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