2013/14 (2006 E.C.) Regulations

Regulation No. 299-2013 Food, Medicin e and Health

Regulation No. 300-2013 Insurance Fund Administration Agency

Regulation No. 301-2013 Ethiopian Public Health Institute Establishment

Regulation No. 302-2013 Ethiopian Electric Power Establishment

Regulation No. 303-2013 Ethiopian Electric Utility Establishment

Regulation No. 304-2013 National Institute for Control

Regulation No. 305-2014 Registration of Works Entitling Copyright

Regulation No. 306-2014 Procedures for Freezing of Terrorist’s Assets

Regulation No. 307-2014 Sesame and White Pea Beans Transaction

Regulation No. 308-2014 Ethiopian Energy Authority Establishment

Regulation No. 310-2014 Ethiopian Toll Roads Enterprise stablishment

Regulation No. 312-2014 Investment Incentives Amendment

Regulation No. 313-2014 Ethiopian Investment Board

Regulation No. 315-2014 Adama Science and Technology

Regulation No. 316-2014 Ethiopian Water Works

Regulation No. 298-2013 Public Service Employee’s Transport Service


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